People are looking on ways on  how to make money online and they spend money to learn the ways of making money online but the you know the big thing they fail to do???

They do not take action.

Action brings results.

So this blog is about me taking action. What the results will be, good or bad is something that is left to be seen.

This blog is like where I share what I have learnt and will continue  to learn in my quest to make money online.

My dream online passive income is $3,000 per month. Whether I get that from, adsense, affiliate marketing or other forms of making money online, that is left to be seen on this journey.



What Is The Importance Of $3,000 Per Month Passive Income For Me?

$3,000 per month in passive income will give me the confidence to leave my job and walk away. Lets face it…I don’t want to spend the rest of my young life working for somebody. I got to work for me.

The amount of income will pay for the cost of living whilst still allowing me to have access saved and work on my own online business.


Am I New To Making Money Online?


I’m not new to making money online…I’ve had my little successes here and there as you will read in the pages and posts on this blog.

But what I have not achieved is find something that works and increase that income to create a full time online income that is consistent which will allow me to call myself a a full time online entrepreneur.

I’m still a work in progress.

Spent A Lot Of Money On Making Money Online Courses Etc

I have spent at least $10,000 plus dollars on internet marketing courses, ebooks, dvds you name it and I really have gone nowhere.

It is sometimes really frustrating being a new kid on the block where everywhere you turn, somebody is selling something and at first it may look genuine and then later down the line, you realize, what you bought for a good amount of money was not worth at all.

Ever felt like that?

Online Money Making Plan For  2016?

Now, my focus is only on one website which I’m fully focused on building it into an authority website. My main monetization strategy is adsense.

I initially started of with two adsense niche websites but soon realized that I’m spreading myself too thin so I’ve placed the 2nd niche website on hold and I’m focusing only on the other one.

I got 2 big plans:

  • built my website’s blog traffic to 250,000 per month-timeframe: does not matter, I work at my own pace.

2 Steps To Get 250,000 Visitors Per Month To My Website

Step 1: Publish  A Lot Of Content

A total of 200 posts can  is now bringing in 20,000 visitors per month as of May 2016.

Based on that,  a quick assumption would be that I if publish a total of 2,500 posts, that will bring 250,000 visitors to my blog. Now, 2500 posts is a lot of writing for one person.

Can it be done?


I already have 237 posts published already.

Which means I have 2263 posts yet to write and publish on my blog.

The way to quickly scale up content production is to hire writers to write and publish content on my site as well. But at this stage, I’m not willing to go along that path yet.

Should I reach that level of traffic, I’m sure my adsense earnings will increase and also on top of that I  can attract a lot of forex brokers for long term advertising spots on my blog as well.

I have researched and found out that for high traffic forex sites, forex brokers are paying for ad spots in prominent spots anywhere from $2000-$6000 per month.

Step 2: Build And Email List

My biggest “f-up” to to date is not having an email list.

So 20,000 visitors are passing through my website each month and I’m not capturing any email addresses

. I intend to get my email setup running before June 2016 ends. ( I got it setup up and done in end of July 2016). Having an email list means instant traffic.

Lets say after 6 months, I have build up an email list of 20,000 visitors. And every time I publish a post and send to my email list, only 10 percent click the link to get back to read the post on my blog.

That means a very quick 2,000 website traffic visitors at the push of a button.

Step 3: Facebook Fan Page

As of June 2016, I now have 330 facebook fans for my website/blog. Facebook fans are important. They are traffic. When I publish posts in my blog, I also post a link in my facebook page and this gets clicks back to my website. That’s traffic.

The more fans you have, the more clicks back to the website you get. Therefore building up more facebook fans is one strategy I’m employing.

Step 4: Twitter Followers

Same thing as in facebook page, I also have setup a twitter account for my blog so people can follow me. As of June 2016, I have 18 followers.

A shocking number but its just a start because I only created that account in the beginning of June 2016.

Same thing, I publish as post, I post a link in my twitter account and my followers click and then end up on my website.

That’s free visitors.

Multiple Websites Or Just Focus On One?

It is really hard to build and develop two websites at the same time.

If you have the financial resources, you can outsource some or most of all the work, especially content writing.

I also was was trying to develop a 2nd website but right now, that is being put on hold at the moment because I’m focusing on this first site I just mentioned.

My adsense earnings are starting to increase each month. Maybe June 2016, I am going to hit the $100/month adsense earnings milestone.

My long term goal/aim is to get $100/day adsense .

That would equate to $3,000 per month adsense earnings. My plan is that, when I reach that stage, I will quit my day job….

At least I would have a safety factor of about 1.5 years cash saved up first and then I’d quit. Well, that’s is my goal anyway.

Broad Niche Or Sub-Niche?

My main blog is targeted at a broad niche.

To get 250,000 visitors a month website, I cannot write for a niche keyword that has a search volume of only 10,000 visitors a month.

That will not make the cut.

For example, my niche blog is targeting “Forex Trading”.

Forex Trading is a broad niche. Under forex trading, you can divide into categories like:

  • forex brokers
  • trading strategies
  • indicators
  • technical analysis
  • swing trading
  • trend trading
  • expert advisors
  • etc

So what I did with my blog is to create a lot of categories under the forex trading niche and write content based on those subcategories.

Which means I am not restricted to what I can write. There’s a lot I can write about. That’s the advantage of a a broad niche.

Quite 9-5 Job Means  $3,000 Per Month Online Income

My monthly living costs average around $1,500.  Making $3,000 per month online would be the absolute minimum required for me to quit  my day job, if I chose to do so.

I don’t hate my day job, as a matter of fact, I like that job.

But here’s the problem with having a job-you only get paid what the company thinks you are worth.

Which means the company dictates what you do, how much you get paid, if there’s a cutback due to economic downturns or company financial difficulties, you are just a faceless number in the whole organisation and they will cut you down much faster that you could flush your shit down the toilet.

Wish Me Success!