The $100 Per Day Adsense Challenge

100 Dollars A Day Adsense

I want to challenge myself like I’ve never done before: make $100 per day from Adsense from 2 different niche websites.

My success online with adsense is around the $200/month which equates to $6-$7 per day in adsense revenue. What this means is that I have to increase my adsense earnings by 16 times.

Can I do it? I believe I can.

How long is that going to take? Good question: I don’t know.

Now, my challenge here  is based on  two new websites.

These are not the only two adsense sites I got, I’ve got a handful of other niche sites where I have monetized with adsense as well which earn a few dollars here and there but that income is not lifechanging…and the truth be told that I’ve not shown much love to those sites so I’ve never realized the full potential of those sites yet.

Now, back to my two websites I was talking about…I’m not going to give you the URL’s of my two websites here. Sorry. Ain’t happening.

You want to know Why?

Because I don’t want mentally retarded readers to clickbomb my sites and get my adsense account banned. I’ve read sufficient horror stories about adsense clickbombing to convince me that I’d better be safe than sorry.



My other site is is still in its infancy and I’ve only written 5 posts and its like a magazine type of site where I plan to write and share pictures, videos and stories from the craziest to the weirdest and everything in between much like a viral entertainment site.

The second site is in the finance/forex trading niche and I’m going to say a bit more about it here.  With this site, I’ve started to put a lot of effort into creating content in July 2015.

So far, at the moment of writing this, I have 75 posts written. The keyword I’m aiming for is “forex trading strategies’. That is my DREAM KEYWORD.

Its super competitive as you can see below and it has 6,600 exact keyword search for it and advertisers are paying Google $10.97 for it :

High Competition Keyword

It can take more than 6 months to get ranked in page 1 of google for such high competition keywords.



I believe I can for this keyword.

Why did I say this?

Because here’s the thing: I learnt from a similar adsense site I sold  on flippa for quite a substantial sum of money and it took me at least two years to rank for this keyword on page 4 of google for this competitive keyword.

But here’s a few interesting  things I discovered:

  • I wasn’t even trying to rank for that high competition keyword. My dream keyword was another keyword which was somewhat related to the “forex trading strategies” keyword. But  in the process of trying to rank for that other keyword, the “forex trading strategies” accidentally  found its way to the page 4 of google. With this new  adsense site, I’m making, its specifically targeting the main dream keyword I have in mind so I think I have a greater chance of achieving this in a much shorter timeframe than my previous adsense site.
  • I did not do any external back linking campaigns, every back link I got for that site was organic: the reason was that I created a site where visitors liked my content and guess what they did? They posted the links of my websites on other related sites. That drove a significant amount of visitors to that site as well.
  • the domain name of that site only contained 66% of the keyword ” forex trading strategies”. Meaning, there was no “forex “keyword in the domain name, except the “trading strategies” keyword part. Now, these days, you may read about how Google is putting less significance of exact match domain names for seo purposes. I really don’t care. I’d rather buy an exact match domain name or a domain name that has all the keyword I’m targeting in it.  All this hoopla about about exact match domain names ONLY impacts those very thin sites, for example, a site with 5-6 pages of content trying to deceive Google to rank for the keyword in the exact match domain name. The name of the game is to build an authority niche site with lots of content that website visitors will enjoy and Google will reward you for that when you good good organic rankings for that keyword.
  • But with this current new site I’m building, it has the full “forex trading strategies” keyword in its domain name. Now, I’m not saying, that’s going to be one big factor that is going to get me ranked fast…no way. But I believe it will help because I intend to continue to add heaps of quality unique content to it.


I’m using the free version of Ahrefs keyword tracking tool to see how many organic keywords are starting to show up for my forex website.

Now, because I’m using the free version of Ahrefs, its fairly limited to what data you can see and right, I can only include one site with is the forex site.

I can also see in google analytics what keywords visitors are typing to visit my website and then check what page that keyword I ranking for.

I’m pleased to say that within a month of posting a lot of content, I am now having 52 organic keywords showing up in US and 12 in UK. But my dream keyword is not even showing is not even showing on page 10 of google yet. See below:


Ahrefs Organic Keyword Tracking Tool


None of the keywords have reached the first pages of google yet. Most of the keywords are showing up between page 2 to page 10 of google search results.


My SEO strategy is built around creating content that can be shared  and here’s how I’m doing it:

  1. I’m  targeting low competition keywords with low search volumes  that are related to the dream keyword.  When I say low search volumes, I mean anywhere from 20 to 300 searches a month for the low competition keyword.  From my experience its fairly fast to rank for these low competition keywords in Google within 1-3 months and some of them will hit the Number #1 spot in Google on Page 1 easily.
  2. Every post that I create, I make sure at least I have 1 to 3 links pointing back to my homepage.What I’m trying to do is have a lot of link juice pointing back to my homepage to give to more prominence for the keyword “forex trading strategies.”Now, I don’t stuff this exact same keyword in all the posts and link it back to the home page. Instead I vary the dream keyword I’m targeting and I use the “related searches” feature of Google search to give me an idea of the keywords I can use to link back to my homepage:Related Searches Feature In Google Search Results

3. For the The posts I create, I use google keyword planner tool, and find out the low competition keywords and create content based around that keyword. I aim for at least a minimum of 400 words per post. The longer the better. Why? Because with a longer post, you get ranked for many keywords that you never planned for or never knew existed.  Believe me when I say this. It is crazy the type of keyword variations people type in google to land on your website. That’s why write more.

4. Kindly ask your visitors at the end of each post to share your post on facebook, twiter etc if they enjoyed it. So what I do at end of each post, I write something like this: It would mean the world to me if you could share this post by clicking those sharing buttons below if you’ve enjoyed it. Or “Sharing is Caring: please don’t forget to share this post by clicking any of the sharing buttons below.” You get the idea? I’ve tested this on my previous site and it works. Believe me. If one Facebook user shares your post and he has 300 friends, and each of his friends have 300 friends…Now, not all of his friends will visit your site but the numbers do stack up and they are made aware of your site and if they keep coming back to it, then that’s a really good sign. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE.

5. Write content for people, not Google. Yes, you are trying to get ranked for centain keywords but don’t forget, people can sense which sites have no real substance. So really write and arrange your content in a way that would make people share you content. What I tend to do to get ideas of what type of content gets shared a lot and copy the model used. The topic may be from another niche but I copy the structure, vary the headlines (etc) and make it unique in my own way. When you write, just write like you talk.  There’s more life in a conversational writing tone than a PHD thesis.

6. I make sure I bold the keyword I’m targeting within the first 1-3 paragraphs of the post once, but preferably within the first paragraph. Then in the subsequent body  paragraphs, I underline the keyword and in the last paragraph, I italicize the keyword both at least once. Why do this? Well, I’m stressing that what I bold, underline and  italicize is what’s important in that post or page to Google.

7. I make sure that the keyword is in the Title Of the post or Page

8. I also make sure that the keyword is in the Meta Description. The wordpress plugin I use for all these on page SEO is Yoast Seo.

That’s how my on page seo works on this adsense niche site I’m doing.


There’s two ways to get traffic. The fastest is paid traffic like Google, Yahoo/Bing, Facebook Ads, And Twitter Ads. The other is SEO through content creation.

Now, I cannot advertise my site on Google and Facebook because my accounts are suspended. Long story short, I did not know what I did wrong and both Facebook and Google can’t tell me exactly what happened.

The reasons given were pretty vague “policy violation”. I begged and pleaded and if I was a dog, I would wag my tail a million times, but it was pointless.

Its such as shame that such mult-billlion dollars companies like facebook and google have really poor customer service.

What I’m left with is Twitter and Bing where I can advertise my website on. Now, from my experience, the customer service on Bing is pretty awesome. I also have twitter to advertise. And I intend to use these two networks in due course and make sure I don’t get my accounts suspended.

Now, off course, the long term strategy is content. Content is king. Create content to drive traffic. I may not see immediate impact or traffic now but months and years down the line, its going to pay for itself.

But there’s one important thing I’m missing about traffic: I don’t own this traffic. I have to own some of these traffic.

How do I do that? Simple: build an email list.


I’m still in the process of setting my email list.  I need to create a lead magnet, which is an ethical bribe to visitor to give me his email address in exchange a free report or software etc, which I will give send to him.

In that way, once I have email address, I can email my list any time I create a new post and still get visitors to come to my sites to read the new post instead of depending on paid and organic traffic.

The more visitors I get to my sites the more adsense revenue I can earn. Traffic is the lifeblood of a website and if you own the traffic, you are doing pretty good.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post on $100 Per Day Adsense Challenge and don’t forget to click those sharing buttons below to share this post with your friends. Thanks