Finally Cracked The $300 Adsense Per Month In August

$300 adsense per month would be something you would be dreaming about if you are earning only $100 per month in adsense in your website or blog.

For my case, as of August 2016 I finally cracked the $300 in adsense for the month.

The previous month, of July, I made $153 in adsense.

Here’s a screenshot of my adsense account:

$300 per month adsense

How Long Did It Take Me To Reach $300 Adsense Per Month?

It has taken a while but I managed to achieve that within 8 months.

Here’s a fact. If you’ve just started a new blog and monetized it with adsense but your traffic is like 100-1000 per month, don’t ever think that you are going to get $300 adsense per month soon.

Expect to make cents or even a few dollars in the first few months.

Contrary to what you might think, adsense income is dependent on traffic. The more traffic you get, the more money you can make from adsense.

It was quite disappointing for me in the first few months where I was making less than $10 per month in adsense.

But as I wrote more and my website traffic started to increase, my adsense earnings were also starting to increase.


What It Takes To Get $300 Per Month In Adsense?

For my case, that took 250 posts. In terms of traffic, that took 41,569 visitors in the month of August to achieve that.

Here’s my google analytics screenshot for the traffic data for the month of August:

website traffic for $300 adsense per month


Am I Pleased With That $300 Adsense For The Month?

I’m not pleased.

Simply because this could have been more. Without revealing the exact click through rate, I’m getting between 0.2-0.3 adsense click through rate.

I tried so many things to increase my click through rate to at least 1 % but it seems to be stuck at that rate. And I will keep trying.

If my click through rate was 1%, the minimum I would have made in adsense would be at least $1,500.

Getting my adsense click through rate to an average of 1% would be really something that will make a drastic difference in my adsense earnings if my website traffic remains pretty much the same.

What’s Next?

I’m pretty excited with my website traffic increases though. If my adsense click through rates stays the same even if I try all sorts of things to improve it then I need to work on increasing my website traffic to make up for the low click through rate I’m getting.

I did not do much writing as I would have liked for the month of August. I’m kind of thinking I need help with a content writer but the niche I’m is pretty hard to find good writers.

I’m sort of thinking that when my adsense monthly income reaches something around $1000 per month than I’d be using that to invest back into hiring writers to write content for my site.