The Secret To Getting 300 Email Subscribers A Month For Free With Google

Increase email subscribersIn December 2014, I finally decided  to build an email list on one of my sites that receives 5000-6000 visitors a month from free organic traffic mainly from Google.

I later sold this website on flippa for $5000.

I should have started building my email list that 3 years prior when I first built up the site but I didn’t.

As it turned out, it was a very costly mistake.

Over the next 6 months, my email list grew at an average of 300 subscribers a month. This equates to 10 email subscribers per day. The exact step by step process I used will be revealed here.

After 6 months (in July 2015), my email list was 1,800 email subscribers as shown below in my getresponse account and a few days later, I sold my website which also included me  giving away this email list to him with more than 1800 email subscribers:

Email Subscribers In Getresponse

Come to think of it, at that rate, if I had started a year earlier, I would have 3,600 email subscribers in one year.

If I had started building my list 2 years earlier, I would have had about 7,200 or more email subscribers by July 2015.



Why I had to wait almost 3 years to build an email list on a site that gets a steady traffic?

I guess I really didn’t think that  building an email list was that important… until later.

  • One main reason was that I thought creating an email list  was difficult.
  • Secondly, because I had never had an email list before building an email list  “seemed” too technical and I really didn’t know about the ins and out of doing it. The fear of not knowing what to do held me back.

And when I eventually built an email list and started emailing my list, my monthly adsense income started to increase in 2015. I wrote a case study of that here if you are interested in reading: How I Increased My Adsense Income By 184% Using Email Marketing.

So this here are the steps, or the process I went through to get 300 subscribers a month. I was registered to the email service provider getresponse.

These steps are my secrets…


If you cannot decide and commit to building an email list, you will never will.

It’s that simple not only in building an email list but also in what you want to do in life. Its no point thinking about it. Thinking will not build your email list.

As a matter of fact, you’ll always be saying ” One Day, I will build my email list”. For me, that one day came 3 years later because I never decided and committed to building an email list.

The moment when you’ve made up your mind and give yourself a timeline to get all things done, that’s when things really start to happen.

When I saw, in December 2014,  that I am getting thousands of visitors from Free Google Organic Search Traffic come to my website each month and I didn’t have anything in place to capture their email address, I decided I had to either I do it now or never.


Visitors to your site will never give you their email address for nothing…you’ve got to provide an incentive.

That incentive is called a lead magnet.

So what actually is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a free offer you make to anyone who visits your website and it can be an ebook, sofware or course that you send out for free only after a visitor chooses to download and gives his email address in exchange for that.

In other words, its an ethical bribe…you give me your email address and I will give you my free ebook.

For my case, I  had two lead magnets:

Lead Magnet 1: I wrote an ebook which I gave away for free and had an opt-in form on the right hand side column of my website (see below):

Ebook As My Lead Magnet

2: My second lead magnet was a free trading software.  This was done one or two months later after the email lead magnet.

Now this one is interesting because, initially, this post below did not have an opt-in form installed on it as I was giving away this software for free (no email subscription required).

As a matter of fact, I did not create this software, it was freely available on hundreds of websites for free.(So there’s an idea for you…sometimes you don’t need to create a lead magnet…just get something already available for free an use that).

One day, when I checked my google analytics data to see what organic keyword people where typing to land on my site. I saw that I was getting hundreds of visitors a month to this post shown below because they were typing the exact keywords because my post was ranking in Google Page 1 between anywhere 2nd and 4th spot.

So that’s when I decided that to have this opt-in form in the post shown below to get email addresses:

Free Software as my lead magnet

So as you can see, your lead magnets can be a software, a course on your website which is made available only to subscribers, or you can create an course and drip feed to your email subscribers over 7 days for example.

Now, say you wan’t to write an ebook but you’ve never written one before. Well, you got two options:

  1. You hire someone to write it for you and that’s going to cost you money.
  2. Or if you don’t want to spend money, you’ve go to do it yourself.

Don’t underestimate the value of a free lead magnet because these people that subscribe don’t really know you yet. And first impressions really do count.

So if you write a free ebook (or any other lead magnet) for giving away to your subscribers make sure:

  1. it solves a particular problem.
  2. it is valuable
  3. it relates to your website’s content you already have
  4. it is appealing…I’m talking about Titles & Subtitles and Ebook Cover. It must look appealing.
  5. it must deliver, which means it leaves a lasting impression on the person who reads it, which means he remembers you, your website and has a greater chance of visiting your website frequently and may be a potential future customer if you sell services and products online.

So that tells you, its important to put a lot of thought and effort to creating your lead magnet. So when the subcriber gets it, it blows his mind.



For my case,  the email service provider I used was getresponse.

Using email service providers like getresponse is something you have no choice but it is a requirement. There’s a monthly cost involved depending on the size of your email list.

The larger the size of your email list, the more you pay monthly as seen here below for getresponse:

Getresponse Pricing Options

Now, if you have not built an email list yet, the your best choice with the “Email” Option which goes for $15/month. That for an email list size of 1,ooo subscribers.

So that’s basically how all email service providers operate on their pricing structure.

So what I did was choose the $15/month option and created an account with getresponse.



I should have thought of this in the very first place 3 years ago: hire someone who knows how to setup up my email list building wheels so it can run.

You see, I can hardly understand computer code and such technical stuff. My mind is not wired for that kind of nerdy stuff.

So I hired someone in freelancer to do all that for me.

What he basically did was these:

  • setup up my getresponse account so that it can start getting subscribers
  • setup up my getresponse opt-in form on my website which links to my getresponse account.
  • got my PDF ebook  and the software and locked it away in my wordpress site so that as soon a someone subscribes, the download link is immediately emailed to them.


The final step for me was to log into getresponse and:

  • familiarize myself with the dashboard of getresponse
  • learn how to create a newsletter (email) in getresponse
  • press send button and email gets sent to all my subscribers

It was that simple!



You know what the hardest part was in all these?  Writing my lead magnet, the ebook, that took a while and a lot of effort on my part.

If I had tried to setup all the email list building system myself, I would have taken a very long time complete it and it would have driving me nuts.

These days, websites like make it all easy for anyone to hire a website designer to someone setting up your email list building quickly.

How quickly?

Well, As quickly as few hours if you’ve got everything on your end all sorted, like lead magnets and opening up an account with getresponse prior to hiring someone.

So all that person would do is set it up for you as he would need your lead magnet(s) and your getresponse login details.

So make your decision, commit and take action.

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