My Adsense Account Disabled! Now What???

On September 2016, I got this email from Google saying my adsense account is disabled.

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. I was about to hit $500 per month in adsense for that month. I was an adsense publisher for more than 3 years.

What was I going to do?

I appealed that decision but from reading online, I knew I was going to have less chance of getting my adsense account enabled again.

And that was actually the case: my appeal fell on deaf ears.


So what Was The Reason For The My Adsense Account Being Disabled?

Google couldn’t give me the exact details but said “invalid click activity”.

I assumed that somebody clickbombed my adsense ads on one my site because I listed one of my websites on sale on Flippa and after that, I got my adsense account disabled.


So What Now?

Well, no more adense for me now. So I had to look for an adsense alternative. I applied for an account with and was approved.

I inserted the codes on my site and started making some money with

But here’s the thing with it does not pay as much as google adsense.

But the good thing though is that at least the cost of hosting and email service is being looked after by the revenue from for now.


How Can I Get A New Adsense Account?

I could create a company and build another website using completely different computer (new IP address), new hosting account, change my address to a new address and create sufficient content and apply for an adsense account as a company.

That’s one method to use to get a new adsense account. That’s Google’s policy: companies can apply for adsense account.

Can I use the old websites for adsense again?

The risk is there that google will have a notification when a website that once used to use adsense is now active again and the will investigate and find out why adsense is on again on that website.

But having said that,

  • Google also knows that websites are properties that get sold and transferred
  • and if that website is under the name of a new person or new company, they will leave it it alone (but again, there’s no guarantee…but its worth a try)


Why Don’t I go Down That Path Of Creating  A New Company?

I’m not interested at this stage to do that.

In the context of things: adsense is always a risk. You can get your account disabled for whatever reason and tomorrow you wake up and your adsense account is gone with your earnings.

It has happened to thousands of adsense publishers and it an happen to you and it has happened to me.

Right now, I’m looking to create my own products or services which I can sell. In that way, I don’t get paid peanuts by adsense.

Sometimes setup backs like this is a blessing in disguise. It opens your mind to other possibilities that you are so blind to see in the first place.

It allows your creative juices to start flowing.

I’m thinking along that line for now.