Cracked The $100 Adsense Per Month Milestone (July Adsense Earnings Report)

I finally have cracked the $100 Adsense Per Month in June 2016.

It is a great feeling.

Here’s the screenshot of my earning:

$100 per month Adsense Revenue for June 2016

Website Visitor Numbers

I had a total of 24,984 visitors to my website. Google is now ranking my site for thousands of long tailed keywords in Page 1 and this is what drives most of these visitors to my website.

It is no rocket science…adsense revenue is dependent on traffic.

Focus on increasing traffic and the more money you make in adsense.



How Much Traffic Do I Need To Make $3,000 Adsense Per Month?

For my case, my ” the quit my job” figure is $3,000 per month in adsense income.

How much traffic do I need for that?

Right now, I can roughly say that for every 25,000 visitors I am able to make $100.

So if I work hard at increasing my visitors to 50,000 per month, I’d make $200 per month adsense.

Based on that simple calculation, I need, 750,000 visitors per month to make $3,000 per month in adsense.

Can I reach 750,000 visitors per moth?

Yes. I can.  It will take time.


Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge right now is content creation. I wish I had 1000 post published a month.

I have 200 post published and that is getting me 25,000 visitors per month.

This means also that on average, every post I publish, I get 125 visitors per month for each post on my site.

So if I have 1000 posts, that should get me 125,000 visitors a month.

I’m a one man show and writing content takes time.

I’m thinking of outsourcing content writing but I’m bit reluctant at this stage.

What I intend to do is increase my adsense income and use that money from adsense to re-invest into the website by hiring writers to write content.

For example, I will reach a stage where I will make $1,000 a month in adsense, I invest back that $1000 to hiring content writers.

So lets say one 1000 word article cost $25. That means I can have 40 articles written for me in a month. In addition to that, I can also contribute say 10 articles for the month.

So that brings my content output to 50 articles per month.

As adsense revenue increase, rinse and repeat the process.