Awesome! Managed To Build An Email List=151 Subs

I finally managed to build an email list on the last week of July 2016, to be precise it was on the 23rd of July that my email list went live.

What kind of sucks is that I have to let 90,910 website visitors pass through my site from January to July 22nd before I decided to build an email list:

build an email list to capture the email addresses of website visitors

How Many Email Subscribers I Missed?

How many subscribes could I have got have I created an an email list on Day 1 in January? What could be the size of my email list now, as of August 11th as I’m writing this post?

Well, right now, I have 1,000 visitors visiting my site daily which and I’m getting  on average 7 subscribers per day.

In percentage terms, that’s 0.7% of my visitors that are subscribing.

0.7 x 90, 901=636 email subscribers. That’s what I missed.

That is a very disappointing low number I believe and there’s a lot of room for improvement.


What Email Service Provide I’m Using?

Getresponse. Simple reason being I’ve used them on one of my websites in the past and I sort of know what to do inside their dashboard, setting up autoresponders, newsletters etc so I’m still sticking with familiarity.


Getresponse Email Subscriber List Size & Pricing Fees

Getresponse charges you on the size of your email list.  Right now I’m I’m on the lowest price/plan of $15/month and that is for an email list size of 1,000 subscribers.

As you email list size increases, you’ll pay more monthly.

Right now my email list sits at only 151 subscribers:

getresponse email list size

I’d like to Get At Least 10% Opt-In Rate

As I’ve mentioned above, with 1,000 plus website visitors a day passing through my website, there’s a lot that needs to be done to increase my email opt-in rates.

The current rate of 0.7% is too low in my opinion.

I got a big job ahead of me.