How To Write An Ebook And Make $9,239 (REAL CASE STUDY)

Would you like to know how to write an ebook and make $9,239 from selling it?

While you do absolutely nothing at all in marketing or promoting or spending money in advertising?

Wouldn’t that be good?

If you are looking for how to make money online, one of the best ways to to write and sell and ebook.

In this post, I will share my story (case study) of how  I generated  $200-$300 Per Month PASSIVE Income Online Selling One E-Book and truth be known, I didn’t do much at all for more than 3 years after building the website to sell that ebook.

Here’s what I did:

  • I just wrote the ebook,
  • built the website,
  • used, and started making money pretty soon thereafter.

All the process and the steps of how I achieved that are given in this post and I must have to warn you thought that this post is more than 13,000 words long so you may need a cup of coffee.


You’ve mostly likely found your way here from searching in Google, or maybe someone referred you to it.  Either way, I’m glad you’re here and reading it right now.

This is a guide on how to write an ebook from start to finish, and the purpose is to do just that – to guide you. It is not a “system”, and definitely not anything related to “get rich quick”.

It will, however, take you through the process of taking the ideas and knowledge in your head, putting them into an eBook and sharing that with the world and making money.

If I can help just one person learn one thing that will help them in their business and/or life, the 2 months I have spent writing this eBook will have been totally worth it.

I only hope this guide can begin to help you succeed wildly beyond what I’ve achieved with my ebook.

Here’s to you and your continued success!

I’m not a make-money-online guruI still have my day job but I have been making money online since 2011.

My profession is an engineer, I have a wife, a 5 year old daughter, been married for 10 years now (that’s all  up to 2015).

10 years ago, I told the lady I just got married to:“ I’m going to make  a soccer team out of you”.

She looked at me with horror in those pretty eyes and told me “Are you trying to kill me?”

I said “No, my pretty  lady… do you know how much money they pay professional soccer players in UK & Europe? If we make 11 boys, we will be rich and I’ll be the manager!”

Long story short…the soccer team dream never happened.

I got a baby girl instead…GRRRRRRRRR!!!

I do like building sites in niches that I have interest during my time off work. One such site I managed to sell for and you can read the full story from beginning to end here: How I Made  $5000 Flipping And Ugly Adsense Website .



It is always a good thing when you write about something you experienced yourself instead of writing about somebody else’s’ experience.

When I get a report or read anything by anyone saying that they earn such and such, I prefer proof of that.

Here is the proof of the lifetime income I’ve earned for this single website alone where I was selling the ebook and this below shows the e-junkie transaction log:

making money online from my ebook sales

And these are the kinds of passive income I got every month from my ebook sale…

$232  For January 2015:

paypal payment for my ebook january

$370 in February 2015:

paypal payment for my ebook february

$283 for March 2015:

paypal payment for my ebook march

$309 for April 2015:

paypal payment for my ebook april

$154 for May 2015:

paypal payment for my ebook may

$257 For June 2015:

paypal payment for my ebook june

$128 for July 2015:

paypal payment for my ebook july

I started selling the ebook on July 2011 and made  $1,525.28 for the year.   That equates to an average of $254/month for the year 2011

And I went on to make another $7,714 after that until I  sold this site as a bundle with another adsense site in July 2015.

Now, the numbers may not seem impressive but this is money where I earned passively, a nice side income, regardless of what I was doing.

Now tell me: can you deposit $80 in your bank and earn $9,239 after 3-4 years later?

The obvious answer is “no”, you can’t.

You see, $80 was what it cost me to built this site. The return I made from it was really impressive .


Forget all that glitter that you’ve seen or read about making money online.

  • If you think you can make money online without any hard work, you are completely mistaken.
  • If you see or read something that is “too good to be true”, then it most likely is. Stay away from it.
  • If you think that there’s a push-button systems out that that will make you money without any hard work, good luck!

The sad truth is that there is no easy way to earn money online, and writing an ebook certainly isn’t easy…and that’s just one part of the whole process. What about the traffic and conversions?



The traffic to my website was embarrassingly low but it was making money regardless…

Here’s my google analytics account showing the traffic I was receiving. I’m just showing from the period from Jan 1 to July 17th 2015(just to give you an example):

google analytics traffic details to my website

With this kind of traffic, I was making anywhere between $100-$300 per month from ebook sales.

Not bad, huh?

So where did these website traffic come from?

  • Product name search.

Eventually, people knew about  the  name of my ebook. So they actually typed the ebook title name and landed on my site simply because they read about it somewhere on trading related sites/forums.

Product Name Search Of My Ebook On Google

Here’s the number of people searching for it each month:

The Number of People Searching For My Ebook on Google Monthly

  • From organic  links in  forex websites & forums
  • From Google search. I was surprised that my website was still ranking for some keywords that was driving traffic to my site.

So I owned that site for 3.5 years and only made $9,239 which equates to $2,639/year which equates to $220 average per month.



Let me take you back to where it all began…to give you a bit of context so you know where I’m coming from.

How I got into writing this ebook and selling it was by simply by chance or you may also say by “accident”.

In 2006-2008, I started to get interested in trading shares and currencies as I had spare cash to “throw around”.

Guess why? Yep! I was single! Not many responsibilities and commitments at all.

I eventually settled on currency trading as it was a market that operated 24hrs and even after work, I can switch on my computer and trade the currency market.

But prior to trading, I was looking around to find a trading system which I can use to trade but I did not find any that I liked.

So combining a few different ideas from here and there, I developed a trading system and without much thought about it:

It was a big mistake to give my email address away because I started getting questions… and the questions kept coming and never stopped.

That free trading system I posted created a lot of  interest/demand of its own.

By 2011, I had enough because a lot of questions where the same and I got tired of replying and answering the questions that kept coming.

There’s got to be a way to solve all these questions…I thought.

  • And that’s when the idea of creating the ebook was born.
  • I used many of those questions to create the chapters/sections of my ebook.

But here’s the thing though…back in 2011:

  • I knew absolutely nothing about designing websites,
  • I knew nothing about wordpress and installing it.
  • I didn’t even know how I was going to add the paypal buy now button to a site.
  • I did not even know what a landing page was.
  • I did not even know how to buy a domain name and let alone what a hosting account was and how to set it up.

I was a complete newbie idiot…

My initial idea was that whenever I get a question, I would just send them the link of my website and tell them to go and buy my ebook.

And once the ebook was completed and I got everything ready, this was the website I made to sell that

That’s how I got started in making money online.



If you’ve never made money online, it is definitely daunting trying to figure out how and whereto start.

I know I had these major mind numbing questions like:

  • How will I write the e-book?
  • How can I build a website?
  • Where will I store my ebook pdf for download?
  • How will download happen when somebody buys my ebook?
  • How can I accept payment?
  • How am I going to design a killer ebook cover?


Underestimating Myself

This can be one of the biggest obstacle for you to overcome when you think that you are not capable of doing it.

  • You may think you have to be an expert to write an ebook about a particular subject.
  • Not an “A” student in English and think you cannot write an ebook?


Do Not Let Fear Stop Your From Making Money Online

When I started thinking of writing the ebook, I also had fears and doubts, you know.

As a matter of fact, my biggest fear was more about the quality of the information in the ebook itself than about me being an expert.

What would people think about the quality of the information in my ebook?

Will they hate it or will they like it? I nearly quit because of this fear.

Tomorrow will take care of its own problems. I took my first step… I started to write my ebook.

It took me 2 months to complete writing my ebook and $9,239 later, I have only 2 refund requests in 3.5 years.That says something, doesn’t it?


Information Overload

I also suffered from information overload.

What Stops Many from making money online is information overload

I read all the information I could about how to create and publish and ebook and how to build website and being a newbie, I was completely paralyzed on how to start.

You know what I’m talking about:

  • You go to a site and it says, “you have to do this and that” and then you go to another site and it says, “oh, you have to do this as well”. And you think that that’s all there’s to it but no, another site say “oh, don’t forget to do this as well.”

What this often does is paralyze the person from taking any action.

The solution  to stop this information paralysis so you  can get started is this:

  • Just find out what you need to know or what the basic steps you need to do  something
  • Then make it happen! Take action.



One of the best ways to create more opportunities online is by ebook and here’s why:

  • You have an opportunity to have your voice heard
  • You have the opportunity to express yourself.
  • You have the opportunity to reach out and teach something you know.
  • You create the opportunity to connect and network with people from all over the world.
  • You create the opportunity to earn an income and this income can be an extra side income or that online income can exceed your income you are getting from your job and then you will have to decide to quit your job or not.

The internet has opened up great opportunities. In order to succeed online, you must plan and take action.

In here, I’ve listed the 7 Advantages Of What Publishing An Ebook Can Do For You.



How many of your friends or your family can write an ebook and sell it?

Not many I guess…

So how satisfying can it be when you finally finish your ebook and its on sale on your site you built? Those months of writing, thinking, preparation has now paid off.

Even though you may not get a sale yet, the fact that now your website is live with an ebook on sale is an achievement that gives you great satisfaction of completing something.

Many dream about writing an ebook but not many actually do it.

You see, an ebook is a relatively quick and easy way to stand out from the crowd and therefore establish yourself as a leader and authority in the niche you are in.

You wouldn’t call yourself as an expert but if you have an ebook with your name on it as an author, it gives you the credibility you need to be recognized as an expert.

So what this does is separate you and puts you on a higher level from similar sites that are based on the same subject.


By selling an ebook, you have a chance to generate extra income.

You see, I still have my job but having this ebook on sale, I have been able to make anywhere from an extra $100-$400 per  month from this one ebook alone. That is money that comes into my account whether I liked it or not, whether it rained or there’s a sunshine.

The amount of money you make from selling ebook depends on a number of things:

  • Niche you are in
  • Demand for the type of information you are providing
  • How good you are in marketing campaign
  • How well you write and present your ebook

Can you make 5 figures a month from your ebook?

I don’t know, I’ve not reached that level yet. But I’ve done my best in this guide to give you the best chance.


Once you’ve established yourself as an “expert” in your niche and if your first ebook product created a “wow” factor, there’s the great possibility that those same people who bought your first product will buy from your again on your 2nd, 3rd products etc.

Therefore it is important to write a killer ebook, impress your customers and when you create your next product, you already have a crowd of people who know you already and are already interested in what you have to offer.


It can be wildly successful or it can bring in a few hundreds to thousands of dollars are month.

You will continue to make money for years down the line if there’s traffic to your site and that information you have in the ebook is still relevant


If you promote an affiliate ebook, who do you think makes the most money?  The owner of the ebook. That’s why it’s better to be the product owner and let the affiliates promote your ebook.  They do the hard work, you make the most money.


The fact that you have a site and an ebook on sale on that site means that people from all over the world interested in the information in that product can buy it.

While Australia is sleeping, UK is open for business. While UK is sleeping, USA is open for business.

And Guess what?

Your website never sleeps so it’s open for business 24hrs, 7 days a week!!!


Because selling a ebook is almost entirely automated, you don’t have to be present when a customer pays for your ebook.

You can be on a plane, sleeping or out playing with your children.

When someone buys your ebook, it gets delivered automatically to his inbox and you don’t have to lift a finger. That’s what automation means in this context.

Here’s the thing about ebooks…

  • you only write an ebook once,
  • build a website (that sells the ebook) once,
  • design an ebook cover once,
  • write a sales copy once etc

But the selling of the ebook goes will go on forever because of automation.

I will show you how I set up the automation process in this guide so you can be able to do that.


An ebook is an electronic book, generally comes in a PDF format that allows readers to read material on their computer screen and even on a portable device like smart phones.

If you are thinking what’s the advantages of ebooks vs hard copy books, the following will motivate you to start writing your ebook.



Publishing a Hard Copy


  • Easier to read
  • People are more comfortable purchasing a hard copy book
  • Difficult to pirate
  • Satisfaction in seeing your published work in bookstores.


  • More expensive (printing costs etc)
  • Not enough printed causing backorder problems.
  • Too many books therefore oversupply problems.
  • You need space to store books
  • Each sale has a small profit margin
  • Difficult to revise or create and update


Publishing an Ebook


  • Easy and fast to create
  • Very easy to automate delivery process
  • Backorder is never a problem
  • Oversupply is never a problem
  • No printing costs
  • You can easily give free or preview copies to people for reviews  and gifts at no cost to you.
  • Revisions and updates can be easily made
  • Each sale gives you almost 100% profit.


  • Piracy and security issues
  • May be harder to get people to buy an ebook
  • Harder to read than a hard copy book
  • Less satisfaction as an author because it is not a real hardcopy book

Each has its pros and cons but considering all that, I’d rather self publish an ebook than going through all the difficulty of publishing a hard copy book.

The benefits of publishing your own ebook are way better than a hard copy book.

If you do it right, selling ebooks can create a passive income from a few hundred dollars a month to even thousands of dollars a month.

Money was coming into my paypal account while I would be doing other things…like sleeping. That’s passive income.


But Is passive income really passive?

The answer is no.

You have work hard in the beginning. You need to set the system in place first.

And once the system is setup and running and you have traffic is coming to your site, then you have the potential of making money…even years down the line as long as traffic is still coming to your site.

And if you don’t touch a site but it still makes you money, that now is called passive income.

Now, lets me take you through the steps I went through to creating this ebook and selling it and making the money I’ve just shown you previously.



Making Money Online With Ebook Starts With Passion

Now, for my case here, niche selection came based on my passion.

  • I didn’t really have to research a lot or look for it because I was already in that niche and I had a fair idea its monetary potential.
  • Maybe you are in the same situation as I was right now. You may be already be passionate in something in a specific niche and you’ve spent a lot of time in that niche already. Therefore you should have a fair idea about the opportunities/(or lack of) to make money in that niche.

Now, because I was already involved and had a passion in the niche:

  • I knew that people were spending and making money
  • I knew what sort of products/services people were selling and making money it that niche.

Why is passion/interest important?

Well, because Passion drives and sustains actions.

If you have a deep passion about something, you can do continue at it for a very long time.

But what if you don’t have the passion or interest in that topic/niche but you still want to do write and sell ebook in that niche?

Well, it’s pretty simple…

  • you either got to be passionate about the  making money  “part”.
  • or be passionate about the  marketing that ebook product in the niche, even though you may not be interested in that niche.

Now, for my case, I find it pretty difficult to do that If I’m the one that’s going to do it.

I’m a one-man show, and I like to build sites where I have an interest in because it is much more easier for me to keep building that site and adding value even many years down the line and should I decide to flip it one day, hopefully, I would make good money out of it.


Before you decide to write and publish and ebook in a specific niche, you’ve got to do a quick niche research to see if there’s money to be made in that niche or not.

To do this you need to know about two things:

  • niche size and
  •  niche demand.

These are two completely different things and knowing the difference between each is very important.

Let me start first with the niche size.



Niche size in simple terms refers to the number of people looking for particular information and they do this by typing a very specific keyword into search engines to look for that.

So if a specific keyword has 1million searches per month, is that good?

My answer: Yes and No.

Let me explain.

  • There are some niches where one keyword can have a huge search volume but there are ZERO buyers.  For example in the quotes niche, the “quotes” keyword has 3.35million searches per month but here is the problem: NOBODY BUYS quotes. So in this example, you cannot create an ebook and sell it because that demand is not a “buying demand” even though it has a huge monthly volume.
  • On the other hand, if a keyword had a million searches per month and there’s people spending money to buy stuff in that niche as well as sellers advertising their products in that niche, then that’s a good indication that there’s money to be made in that niche.

So does that mean that you should target keywords in niche that have  million searches or more per month?


Even a small niche size can be very lucrative and let me give you an example here:

  • there are some niches that will have small traffic volume but full of buyers, for example: Beauty Salon Marketing keyword has 140 searches per month.

What kind of people do you think  are that ones that  are searching for beauty salon marketing?

They are salon business owners and if you create an ebook about that topic, it’s highly targeted market and guess what? These  people have the money to buy.  Even more so, if you build and email list and promote an affiliate products like “salon software” which has 4,400 searches per month, you’ll definitely make money in that niche as well.



There are two ways to go about doing it:

  1. Based on your interest/passion, you’d be spending a lot of time on sites that share your passion and interest.  This means you should already have a fair idea of the money making potential of that niche.

Are people buying and selling stuff in that niche?

That would be your first clue because if people are selling stuff in that niche, then there’s money to be made and you just have to identify what the opportunities are in that niche and create a product and sell it.

  1. The second way I go about determining if the niche size is sufficient is by typing the keyword in Google Keyword Planner tool and see if there’s a sufficient volume. You really don’t need to buy or subscribe to expensive keyword research tools unless you really have to. I always use Google Planner Tool for this kind of research.

But niche size is not all, you need to also know if there’s a niche demand.



If you are thinking of creating and selling an ebook online, there’s got to be a demand for that information because niche size alone can be deceiving, you also need to know the niche demand.

For my case, that “free information” I posted on an forex site created a demand of its own UNEXPECTEDLY. So I knew, If I created an ebook and sold it, I would still make money.

You can have really great idea about an ebook but if there’s no interest or demand for that, you will not make money at all and what’s the point of writing it?

Why niche size can be deceiving?

Well, there are some niche sizes that are huge but with no buyers.

I gave you a very good example “quotes” niche above and let me use that again as an example here:

  1. There first thing you notice below on google search when you type the “quotes” keyword  is that there are no ads on the top and right hand side.  So what does this tell you immediately? Nobody is selling anything!

Using Google Search To Find Niche Demand

2.    If you go to google keyword planner, you see that quotes keyword gets 3,350,000 searches a month. That’s huge but as you saw above, there are no ads. And even the first 10 websites on page 1 of google ranking for the ‘quotes’ keyword have hardly anything for sale on the sites.

How to Use Google Keyword Planner to find traffic details for keywords

So really, you cannot create an ebook and expect it to sell in a niche like this where people arenot looking to buy quotes.

Let me give another example with a niche that has demand here so you will understand…

If you type flower delivery keyword in Google Search, you may see something like this shown below:

How To Use Google Search To Find If There Is Demand In A Niche

Notice the “Paid Ads” above? What does this tell you? There’s demand.

Can you make money in that niche? Yes.

That’s should give you the first indication that there’s demand in that niche because people are paying for that “specific keyword” to be advertised.



There’s only two ways to write an ebook:

  1. write it yourself
  2. or pay someone to write it for you (outsource to a ghost writer).

The disadvantages of writing the ebook yourself:

  1. you are not really under a deadline to finish it unless you can really discipline yourself.
  2. Therefore it can take a very long time to finish it.
  3. If you are not knowledgeable in the topic, you may write something that lacks quality and it will show.

Advantages of writing an ebook yourself:

  1. You have control of how to write and what to write about in your own style.
  2. Zero cost (except for time required to write)

Advantages of paying someone to do it:

  1. Ebook gets written up and  finished in an agreed due date.
  2. You save a lot of time to focus on other things

Disadvantages of having someone to write your ebook:

  1. Cost money
  2. you have to provide a detailed outline to the ghostwriter on what to write, like the chapters etc.

For me, because I understood the subject better, I decided that I had to do it myself.

Now,  having an idea to write an ebook is easy but the writing is not so easy especially if you are writing your first ebook.

For many conveying your thoughts onto “paper” is really difficult.

So I’ll show you the steps I took to create this ebook:



First I planned and brainstormed an outline of what I wanted my sections in the ebook to be about.  The questions that I got in my email  gave me  a “rough” idea of what  my outline would be.

The outlines should be such that the information flow is maintained from the start to the finish.

When you create an outline, you really have to pretend that you’re someone who has no previous knowledge about whatever it is you’re writing about. Does the order make sense, or would you end up confusing that person?

It can be hard for you especially if you know the subject matter a lot better than everyone else and you’d sometimes think that others will have the same understanding as you…

So really, what you need to do is to spend some time thinking about the order from a rookie’s perspective.

Since this was the my first ebook, I was confused how to create to actually create an outline. So here’s what I did:

  • I modeled (or copied) the ideas I got from some other ebooks.
  • I’m not talking about copying content. No… You see, I have lots of downloaded ebooks in my computer…some of them are free reports, some are information I paid for and all came in ebooks.

So when I had that idea to write the  ebook, all I did was pick one ebook that I’d like to model after and wrote content of my ebook using its outline as my guide to write mine.

Where do you get the outline? From the table of contents first and then I also read/scan the content of the  ebook to firstly understand the flow of information, how its written and then copy ideas that I can use on my ebook.


To start writing an ebook, there’s two things you need:

  1. a computer
  2. a word processor like Microsoft Word to do that.


  • Don’t use fancy fonts. It’s a No-No!  Two fonts that I like using are Arial and Helvetica.
  • For headers, things like Chapter or Section Titles, the font sized anywhere from 20-22 would be good.
  • For subheadings, font size anywhere from 12-16 would be appropriate.
  • And what about the font size for the paragraphs? Font size from 10-11 would be appropriate.

This is what I prefer; you can make your own choices about this but don’t be too large to too small that people can’t read.

Imagine an ebook without headers and subheaders and no proper paragraph structure( and no pictures as well). It becomes one big mass of text and guess what?

Such an ebook is really painful to the eye and it is really BORING!

Therefore you must learn to:

  • Use bullet points, it makes for an easy reading.
  • At least have 1-3 sentences in a paragraph, it also makes for an easy reading.
  • Include pictures, graphs, charts, etc, it makes for an interesting read.


  • To get the creative juice flowing…JUST WRITE!

The order of how you write does not matter in the beginning. That will come later and is easily fixed.

You don’t really have to write in order of the outline you did in step 1. That is just a guide…its not a line drawn in concrete. Outlines can change as you are writing when you realize that you may need to include some more chapters/sections etc.

Why do I say this? Well,  when you are writing the ebook, one of the biggest problems is you get too much focused on how many chapters you are going to have and what will be the subject or title of each chapter, what will be the subheadings within each main header, what images to include in ebook, how to write etc…

Forget about these for a while.

To get your creative juice going, you need to start writing…eventually you will be “in the zone” and you’ll be surprised that eventually all things will fit perfectly as in a jigsaw puzzle.

From my experience, writing is like driving a manual car…

  • You change into first gear; the car feels sluggish and slow and struggles to move.  That’s the period where you start writing your first few paragraphs or sections and you may struggle for a while to get your writing flowing. There’s a bit of friction going on.
  1. Then you start changing gears and as soon as you hit the high gear, like the 4th gear, the car drivers smoothly and it’s not the sluggish and slow car in the 1st gear like before. Now it can drive! That’s how it feels after you overcome the initial friction.

Now, when you write, the style or tone of writing you use also plays an important role in how you message is received.

For me, my tone of writing is conversational. It’s personal. It’s like I’m talking to you. And I like that because it makes the reader feels as though I’m there talking to him.

  • Write like you are talking to a friend.

You see how I write here? I’m writing in a conversational tone. It’s like I’m talking to you.

And If I was talking to you, this would be the same way you’d hear me speak to you. Why is this important?

Well, because nobody wants to read a dull, boring report or story, right?

Now, this type of writing may not necessarily be suitable for all the niches, like the “computer programming niche” for example, you may not necessarily write in this tone.

  • Don’t try to be perfectionist

You know the best thing about writing an ebook on a MS Word program in your computer instead of a typewriter your granddaddy used 20 or more years ago is?

Typewriter to write ebooks

Well, it’s this: you don’t have to worry about being a perfectionist.

Back then, if you made a mistake by typing an incorrect letter in a word, you either have to put in a new clean sheet of paper and write the entire sheet again or write the correct letter over the incorrect letter in the word and that was a mess.

Now, thanks to Bill Gates and Microsoft, all you do is press the “undo button.

Using Microsoft Word To Write Ebooks

And you copy, cut & paste, re-write, re-arrange easily in MS Word. And you have a dictionary in MS Word so if you type a word incorrectly, it shows.

How times have changed and made life easy!

So don’t stress about getting everything perfect from the start, just write. Its much more easier to write first without any order in mind and then later cut and paste and re-arrange your content because as you are writing you will realize an have an idea of where everything will fit or how you are going to edit, and re-arrange.

  • Edit Later

Don’t try to edit when you’ve just completed the first chapter or section. You’ll waste a lot of time doing that.

Get most of the writing done first. From my experience, editing Is easy when everything has been written up (or most of it has been).

It’s much more easier to cut and paste, delete or re-arrange your content when you’ve written most of what is needed in your ebook.

There can be a lot you may still write about because sometimes as you are writing, you will realize that you have not included this topic or that topic.  That’s ok, keep writing, but make a note of those subjects/topics that you can write later.

  • Write For Them (not you)

Here’s a fact: you don’t matter when you write content in your ebook.

When someone buys your ebook, they really care less about you. It’s about them so you write for them.

The audience is asking: What’s in it for me?

That’s the question you should answer in your ebook. They are not interested about knowing what your dog’s name is or if you have a cat called Meow.

Use words like, your, you more often and less of I.



  • Copyright Page

The copyright page is where you write statements saying the content of your ebook are copyrighted materials and that no one can use any part of your publication without your prior consent.

What I tend to do is when I see a copyright page of an ebook I like, I simply copy and paste it into my ebook’s copyright page and adjust or re-write where necessary and that’s it.


  • Disclaimer Page

The disclaimer page is an “arse covering statement” which simply means that some people may interpret what you say differently or you may be also wrong  and they may decide to sue you.

If you have the money, hire a lawyer to write your disclaimer page #arNx

What I tend to do is copy and paste the disclaimer page of another that I like  and re-write or adjust the wording inside there to suit my situation.

If you have other websites or persons mentioned in your ebook, it is also wise to say that you are not held responsible for any of their actions or vice versa.

  • Preface

I don’t use preface in my ebooks but I go straight to the “introduction” part. But what is a preface? Well, a preface is an introduction to the ebook.

It is not an introduction to the contents of the ebook, but an introduction to the ebook itself.

So what should you write about in your preface?  Things like:

  • Intentions of your ebook
  • What’s the story or the history behind you writing the ebook

So what the preface does is it creates and builds excitement before a reader gets to read the main content.


  •  An “About The Author” Page

For my case here in this ebook, my “about the author” page was written as “ Who Am I?”  which you read above.

Some people put this page at the back but I don’t like that. Its best to introduce yourself in the beginning. I like to put this, right after the “introduction”.

This page allows you to connect with your readers and I tend to put a nice personal touch here and that includes putting my photo (like I’ve done on this ebook) so that those readers can put a “face” behind who’s doing the “writing”.

So what things you write in an “About The Author” Page? Things like:

  • Some things you enjoy in life
  • Your struggles and successes
  • Your qualifications for writing the ebook

It’s about connecting with your reader and they get to know you not as an author but as a friend.


  • Links

The good thing about ebooks is that you can place links in the content. Links provide additional information to the reader.

These links can be links to websites, affiliate links to products that you are promoting within the content of your ebook, or even links back to your own site.

If someone clicks a link back to your own site, that’s free traffic you are getting right there!


  • Resource Page

It’s best to have a resource page at the end of the ebook where you list all the tools and other helpful things which can help your readers further.

This page can also summarize and list all the tools and helpful things that you’ve mentioned within the content of your post…therefore you can list them here again so it is easy for them to check quickly.


  • Relevant Images

Adding relevant images to the content of the book is important because of these:

  • makes it exciting to read.
  • Images also reinforce important points that you make.
  • Add value to your ebook
  • It is surprising but images also tend to act as visual bookmarks for certain pieces of content within your ebook for some readers.

It is important not to overkill with images.



Ah… this is a very important part as well.

In an ebook cover, there are two things you need:

  • The Title of the ebook
  • And the graphics

Out of these two, the title of the ebook is the most important.

  • It’s the title that people read (not the graphics)
  • A few seconds scan of the title is all it takes to get a visitor interested or not.
  • The graphics should enhance the title. It is like the icing on the cake.

If you are not a graphic artist, you need someone who can design killer ebook covers .

You see, a good ebook cover is really important because of these:

  1. It’s visual…even though it’s not going to be a “hard copy”, it gives the potential buyer anemotional pull to buy it.
  2. Believe me when I say this: ebooks are judged by their covers.

Just a micro-second glance at your cover and title and you either get a sale or not.

That’s how important ebook covers are.

A shoddy cover simply says that the content may be shoddy, even if you can write the best content in the world regarding that topic.



  1. Research in your niche, sites that are giving away ebooks for free (to build email list) and also those that are selling ebooks. Look at their titles and cover graphics and see what grabs your attention. That’s what I tend to do. If I see an ebook title and cover I like, I either bookmark that site so that I can always go back or get screen print of that ebook cover on that site and save in a special folder on my computer to refer to later.
  2. Head over to and look at the kindle ebook titles and  cover ideas. Get ideas from ebooks that have great reviews and see what their titles are and how they design their covers. You can find your inspiration there.
  3. Or go to Google and type “ ebook cover designs” and once the search results comes up, click “images” and then you’ll have thousands of ebook cover ideas as well as titles you can model after.

Ebook Cover Design Ideas

So now that you’ve determined what kind of ebook cover you want, the next thing you do is find a someone who can design your ebook cover.

For my case, I was fortunate because the guy that designed my website also is a talented graphics designer and I got my ebook cover done by him as well.

It cost me nothing  because I paid him $80 to design my website and he did these two ebook cover designs for free.


Ebook Cover Designs

The following are websites where you can use to get your ebook cover designs done:

  • You can get ebook covers done for $5! No, that’s not a typo.
  • This is one website where I tend to get some of my online work done just for $5 and not just for ebook covers.

Ebook Cover Designers From Fiverr

99designs is a bit more expensive to get ebook cover designs here but the quality is really good if that’s what you want, go for it:

Ebook Cover Designers From 99designs

Here’s another thing about 99designs: you mention your idea of what kind of cover you like as well as the title and you get ebook cover designs submitted by many different graphics designers and you only pick the best one you like and pay for it. How good is that?

This is what I use the most and I love this site because I get most of my outsourcing work is done here.

To avoid such time wasting and frustration:

  • ask to see if they got some previous work where you can use to judge their work before you hire them
  • or ask if they can send you a sample of their work to see if those meet what your criteria is.
  • Check their reviews from previous customers (if any).

After my ebook cover was done, I copied and pasted the cover into the front page of MS word where I wrote my ebook and then pdf’d it.

Ebook complete! Sweet!!!

Next thing was designing my website.



After the ebook was written, I researched on google “how to build websites.”

  • I literally spent weeks reading and “trying to figures things out”.
  • You talk about buying domain names and, I really did not know about them until that point in time.

So, after a few bit of “mind numbing” research (remember, I was new to this), I went over and bought the domain name:

Dumb as I was (then)…I knew it was going to take me months to design a website.

And during my research about designing websites, I came across this (now this website no longer exists because it was bought off

That website solved a lot of my problems.

  • I created an account in (now
  • and posted my project describing that I wanted a website design with such and such and such and must look like such and such and such…you know what I mean?
  • There were a lot of bidders for that project but in the end, it was one website designer that really caught my attention because he actually read what I wanted and presented me a proposal according to what I wanted. He even told me he would design my ebook cover for free because he was really good at graphics design and even presented me a sample of an ebook cover design. I was impressed.

How much did it cost me? $80 for designing the website and 2 ebook covers.

To avoid headaches and wasting time, if you decide to hire a designer:

  • only consider hiring website designers that have really good reviews by previous customers…let me give you an example below:

Hire Designers From Freelancer

Now, let’s look at the above freelancer….he’s got 511 reviews giving him a 4.9 rating which is pretty impressive.

And then there are other factors to consider like:

  • jobs completed,
  • is it on budget,
  • is it on time and
  • repeat hire rates.

The 32% repeat hire rates indicates something very important: he definitely must be doing a great job so those people who hired him previously are using him again to do their work.



I recommend wordpress to design your site. It is very easy to do and very inexpensive.

Website designing is not easy if you are new so to avoid delays and get your site up and running, you need to hire website designers to build you site up.

Before you hire a designer you should buy a domain name first and get a hosting account as well.

Never had any problems with my hosting company. They are pretty good.



  • My website had one main page, which was the “home page”.  This home page was essentially my “sales page”.
  • I had two other minor pages “ Contact Us” & “ Terms of Use” on the very bottom of this sales page:
  • Contact Us and Terms of Use Pages on the Footer

A sales page must be clear of any “distraction” which will prevent a visitor making a purchase. Such distractions can be:

  • other post/pages shown on the sales page. (If they click and leave your sales page, they may not buy your ebook)
  • they can also be links that allow visitors to click and leave the sale page to go to another post or page.

A sales page ultimate aim is to get a visitor to buy and therefore the less distractions it has on it, the better it performs.



I’ve talked about sales page on step 5 briefly, but how do you write a sales message /sales copy?

What is a sales copy?

Sales copy is the text you use to persuade your readers to take a specific action. The ability to write irresistible sales copy is the most important marketing skill you can learn.

In here I will show you a very simple technique I use to write my own sale copy like a pro…(oh well, almost!)

Below is an example of my sales copy I wrote for my website and I will go through the  10 essential ingredients of a sales copy using a few examples from my site.

Sales copies are about turning a visitor into a buyer or a visitor and you need to have these 10 things in your sales copy:



 Writing Paragraphs that promise and persuade in your sales copy


Sales copy writing technique


 Copywriting technique


copywriting for website




copy writing


 How to write copy that converts

How to write copy that converts visitors to buyers


Offer Risk Free Money Back Guarantee


Copy writing that gets teh buy now button clicked

So if you are under a tight budget and you cannot hire a copy writer, you need to write it yourself.

Before you start saying that “I can’t do that!”  I’ll let you on a little secret that not many people do…

Would you like to know the secret I used to write a professional looking sales copy on my website?

Well, here’s the secret…follow these 3 steps and you can’t be wrong:

1.    I went to a well known copy writers website  where he had a compelling sales copy selling a software.

2.    I simply copy and pasted all his sales copy into my website word-for-word.

3.    Then I modified, re-wrote and adjusted the headlines, sub headlines and  the paragraphs, so that it reflected the Ebook Product  I was selling.

That’s it! Simple!

That’s how you write professional sales copy with zero cost that convert.

Let the professional copywriter do all the hard work with writing, title, subheads etc!  You copy their work and paste it onto your website and  modify it to SUIT WHAT YOU ARE SELLING.

This is biggy back copy writing trick nobody really tells you about.

What you are doing is essentially having a free ride based on the work of an experienced copy writer.

Disclaimer:  for my case here, this has worked for me, I cannot say it will work for you. You really have to think “outside the box” a little to do these kinds of things.

One of the best places to “steal” the ideas and work of copywriters is over at

These guys there are selling stuff and they really have to write titles that catch the eyes of visitors and then get people to click on those links in there so it is one of the best placed to copy ideas for ebook titles as well as copying ideas for your sales copy:

Where to get copy writing ideas that you can apply

·         Take a careful look at the Titles Used…if the Title Is Good, you will tend to see a lot of views. Then think:can you copy that title and just change the Subject to match your product you are selling and use that title in your sales copy?

·         Then next thing you do is click that link and go inside and read the body of the sales copy and what they are selling.

·         And copy ideas off that and then adjust/modify/re-write it and make it your own to reflect what your are selling.

Another thing: If I read somebody else’s sales page and I feel like pulling my wallet out and paying for the ebook, or course or software, then obviously,  he’s written the sales page in a way to has all the right ingredients to nearly convert me into a buyer!

So what do I do?

I take note and make sure I bookmark that site…for sure I’d be coming back to steal Ideas off his work.

Unethical?  I don’t think so!


It’s is critically important that whatever testimony you put up on your site has to be legitimate. You just cannot afford to make up or lie about it by writing false testimonials.

For my case here, here’s how I got the testimonials to place on my site:

1.    I used the comments from traders that were having success using original free system I  posted on the forex site.

2.    I emailed and asked a handful of traders that I knew through email that I would give them a free copy of my ebook if they can read it and write a honest review about it and that I’d use their review and place them on my site as well. All of them agreed for a free copy of my ebook as well as the FREE bonus product ebook as well. Find out some people in your target market who can give a free copy of your ebook and in exchange for their testimonials to be used on your website. You really don’t need a lot. Even 3 to 5 people would be sufficient.

3.     I also got emails from buyers who were very happy with the information in the ebook and once I got such emails like that,  I simply asked for their permission If I can use their comments on my site as my testimonials and they were happy to do so. So the lesson is this: as your ebooks get sold, there will definitely some buyers who would contact you saying “Oh, I really like your ebook” etc. When they do that,  it’s is your greatest opportunity right there to ask them If you can use their comments as your testimonial on website.

4.    Or if not, what you can do is, contact those who bought your ebook and ask if they would be interested to write a review of your book that they had just bought a few days ago. Most would be really happy to do that.

That’s how I got all my testimonials for my ebook.

Now, I’ve finished almost everything in the ebook except…how do I get my ebook pdf stored so that anytime some pays, the download links get sent automatically to the buyer?

Well, enter


To create passive monthly income, you need to automate. If you set up correctly, your ebook gets sold without you having to lift a finger.

That means you can be on the beach or on holidays, sleeping and farting at work or doing whatever under the sun because you’ve set up your business on automation.

That’s the beauty of automation!

For my case, automation started when I used and this here summarises what automation is all about:

Automating ebook sales and marketing by using e-junkie

I never knew what was when I was writing my ebook and even now, I don’t think you even know about

Here’s the thing with….they don’t advertise, I knew about them through reading online about somebody’s  great experience in using them to sell an ebook so that’s how I ended up using them.


HOW DOES E-JUNKIE WORK? is a website where if you have a downloadable product for sale like an ebook, software etc, all you do is create a seller account with them and then you upload your digital product into it and whenever someone buys the ebook on your site, automatically sends a download link of your product to the buyer.

Here’s how works and it’s a very simple 4 process to get it setup but I will get into a bit more detail of each:


How e-junkie works


Here are some advantages of using

  1. very easy to use even for a beginner.
  2. Flat monthly subscription fee and the lowest is $5 per month. This means that if you make $10,000 or $50,000 or whatever amount a month selling an ebook, will only charge you $5/month if you have 10 products or less that are under the 200mb size limit. See the monthly subscription charges below:

e-junkie subscription charges

  1. No transaction fees
  2. No bandwith fee and No bandwidth limit
  3. No transaction limit
  4. Buyers get a unique download link that expires after a specific time or you can set the limit on the number of download attempts
  5. There is a 7 days free trial so you really don’t have to pay anything to get started and this can allow you to test out the system as well and make yourself familiar with it.
  6. You can use pdf stamping to deter buyers from freely sharing your product online.
  7. You can setup and affiliate products as well.

Because I was only selling 1 product with less than 200 MB storage space usage, I was only paying $5/month.


Step 1: You can take advantage of the  1 week free trial

and create your seller account

Step 2: Once you log in and are inside the “Seller Admin” area, click on “Add New Product”

 How to Sell Ebook on E-junkie

Step 3: A “Product Details” Page Pops up and what you do  there is self explanatory: under item name, you should write down the title of the ebook, select your selling price and in what currency (US dollar or AUD etc), and check the  “single file upload” option if it’s one single file pdf ebook.

how to sell products using e-junkie

How to setup e-junkie for selling ebook

Clicking the “upload file” button allows you to upload the ebook to from your computer.

I then set my links to expire after 5 attempts to download.

And also in the “product thankyou email message” I write a little message like “Thanks for your purchase, here’s your download link”. I leave the “email subject” as it is.

Once you’ve done all that, click the “Submit” button.

Now, let me talk about the upload button I mentioned above…

When you press the “upload file” button , this is what comes up:

How to upload ebook into e-junkie

Clicking the “chose file “button above will allow you to go back to your computer to select your ebook and once its selected, you have to lick the “upload” button. Once your ebook is fully uploaded, you will see this message:

How to upload ebook into e-junkie so you can sell

Step 4: After you’ve completed the step 3, then next thing is to get an add to cart or buy nowbutton code which you will have to paste the code back on your website to generate that button for you.

How to Set up Get Cart and Buy Now Buttons in e-junkie

When you click the “get cart/buy now button codes”, this page comes up and for my case I selected the “Buy Now Buttons” :

How to get buy now button and codes in e-junkie

When you paste this code above in your wordpress site, make sure have to be in the “text”mode instead of the“visual” mode:

How to paste e-junkie buy now button code into wordpress

But there’s a BIG Problem with the buy now button generated by e-junkie: it  really looks DISGUSTING, UNATTRACTIVE and outright BORING.

This is what I mean:

e-junkie buy now button is downright ugly

How To Customize The “Buy Now” button So it Looks Professional and Appealing

Here are the steps:

  1. So what I did was typed in google “$27 buy now button”,
  2. clicked “images” and went through the image search results to look for a $27 buy now button image that I appealed to me and used that image as my buy now button image on the website:

How To Get Buy Now Button Images For Free Using Google Search

3.    Then I uploaded that buy now button image into my wordpress site and in the “Image details” section, you need to change the Link to “custom url” and paste just the part of the   e-junkie code given that looks something like this:

how to customize your e-junkie buy now button

4.    And paste that part of the code in here on your wordpress site Image details and click update:

 how to customize your e-junkie buy now buttons

And you get a better looking and appealing buy now button like this:

 my customized buy now button with e-junkie



When you upload your ebook into, you’d be asked to add a price to your ebook.

It is important that you set your price properly and here’s why:

  • The problem with setting a higher price is that you may not make many sales at all.
  • The problem also with setting a price too low is that potential buyers will think that the value of the ebook is low quality and that’s why the price must be too low and this may deter them from buying your ebook.

So what is the best price to sell an ebook at?

That’s a really hard question but for my case here, I’ve tested a lot of selling prices. These are the prices I’ve tested: $99, $97, $37, $27, $17 & $9.97

Eventually I settled on a mid range price of $27.

What is surprising is that I thought If I reduced the price to the lowest price of $9.97, I would make a lot more sales and there will be lots of people that will buy it so my earnings will increase significantly compared to the higher prices that I’ve listed above.

Guess what?

The lowest price performed very poorly. In fact, that was the worst performing price I got.

What I found was that at a price of $27, I got more sales and made a lot more money compared to the other prices that I’ve mentioned.

That’s why I said, always test different prices to see which converts more and brings in a lot more revenue.

The first year, I charged $99 and I was really surprised I got sales.

If you are thinking of writing an ebook and selling it online, let me tell you some facts:

  1. People wound HARDLY BUY A  $99 hardcover book in a book shop!
  2. But they will EASILY buy a $99 ebook online without any hesitation!


Simple answer: convenience and instant gratification. That’s why!

Besides, if you have to go the bookshop to buy a book…

  • you got to pay for fuel,
  • it might take 1 hr to get there and it will take 1 hr to get back home.
  • You’ll end up spending more money instead of just buying the book and getting back home.

My advice is test…test…test.

Test your price to see at which price converts the most.

The advantage of charging $99 for my ebook was that it only takes a few sales to make a lot of money where as for a $27 price, it would take a lot more sales to make the same amount of money that selling at $99 makes.

Changing a price in is really simple.

Once you change the price in, you need to copy that “buy now code” in and then paste that code in your website or if you want to create your own customized buy now code, follow the steps I’ve shown you above and make sure your buy now graphics has the new price in it.



When I built this site, I did not really have a clue how I was going to drive traffic to my site.

I knew nothing about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

As a matter of fact, I wasn’t interested in getting traffic to my website because my initial planabout this site was like this:

  1. I get an email from someone asking me about the trading system
  2. I reply and send my website link to the person asking the questions and say: “go and buy my e-book…all your questions will be answered there.”

That’s it! Problem solved….(so I thought…)



But when I got my first payment of $99, that all changed and I thought: Wow! How can I get more visitors to my site so that I can make more sales?

In 2013, we were having a lunch break at work one day and the boss, a Kiwi (New Zealander) came into the office and was joking around and he said something that has stuck with me since. He said:

There’s one thing you will never forget in life and it’s this: your first sex, with whom and at what place.

I would like to add one more: your first amount of money you made online.

When my website only a week old, I saw this unread email in my inbox and thought its one of those Nigerian scam lottery emails that sometimes succeed to come into my inbox:

My First Paypal Payment

You see, I never had a paypal payment notification email sent to me  in my life before so  this was completely new thing to me.

Out of curiosity, I opened it up and this was the message I saw:

Paypal payment notification email

It did not sink in at first…

It took at least a minute before I realized that this was a payment made for my ebook!

I could not believe it! I got my very first payment for my ebook! It was unreal.

I was like:

 I could not believe I made money online

 Did somebody just pay me $99 for my ebook?

I will never forget that day I got that first $99 payment.  Even the name of the person who bought my first ebook is locked in my brain, I can’t forget his name.

Getting that first $99 payment changed my initial plan.

So that’s how I began to study SEO (to get more traffic to my site) and during my search I ended over at and saw someone selling an ebook about SEO techniques he used to Rank in the top 10 pages of Google.

Some of the SEO techniques mentioned in that ebook are pretty useless today with all the Google algochanges so I really don’t have to give you the exact details of that as it’s pointless.

So this guy was claiming to dominate first page of Google without months of work, I thought, well, I might as well as buy it and see how it works and find out what the strategy was.

Long story short, I did not follow most of the techniques that were taught in that ebook because some of the software and services recommended involved paying more money.

But here’s what I did follow (to some extent but not completely as outlined in that ebook):

  • The home page content must be written around the main keyword or its variation.
  • In each post, a link should point back to the home page thus giving the home page more prominence and therefore link juice.
  •  In each post, there should be a few links pointing to other post as well.

That’s all I did for my on-page SEO.

A very helpful wordpress plugin I use is this one and its free: Yoast SEO:



The next thing was backlinks. The ebook suggested using some private blog networks for backlinking purpose.

And guess what type of content were used in those blog networks? Spun content.

I went over to warrior forum and looked up some backlink service and saw a guy who I thought was a reputable SEO expert because he had so many amazing reviews and feedback, so I bought a $99 dollar SEO package to try to rank 5 keywords in Page 1 of Google for my site:

Buying Seo Service for my website

The main keyword I was targeting was “forex trading strategies” and I had 4 other related keywords to the main keyword.

So what this guy did was use his team to write content, spun it and posted on a network of blogs/sites.

Whether the blog network being used was really relevant to the niche that my ebook was in or not did not matter to them. It was all about building backlinks.

Anyway, this guy got to work…and initially, the “forex trading strategies” keyword was nowhere to be found in the first 10 pages of google, not even the first 100 pages.

After about 3 months, my site was ranking for this main keyword in page 10. Then it gradually started creeping up…

Eventually, my site was sitting on Page 3 of Google and I was starting to get some traffic and  not only on that main keyword but other related keywords as well and I was starting to get sales of my ebook.

I was happy.

But my happiness was short lived.

Something happened in 2011…Google started rolling out its Panda Update and my ranking disappeared and my site was nowhere to be found between page 1-10 of google search results.

It was really disappointing.

I asked the guy what happened and why my website disappeared from the 3rd page? He replied that Google has rolled out Panda and that’s the result of that.

I QUIT buying SEO /banklink service from that moment.

I never will ever again buy SEO service or backlinks. Talk about private blog networks??? Forget it!

The sites that I build now are with the aim of turning them into authority sites and that takes time.

I’m not an SEO guru but this is what I understand:

SEO TAKES TIME and I’m willing to wait for that to happen and in the process of waiting, I create quality and engaging content and over time, this will drive more visitors to my sites as I’m ranked on search engines for many hundreds of different keywords.



I only did 2 things initially in 2011  to promote my ebook:

  1. I went back to the website where I posted my system for free and left a post there notifying readers that I’ve updated and written a complete guide about this system and its an ebook for sale and if they want it, they can buy it at
  2. The next thing I did was, I did looked up yahoo answers related to asking questions like “what is the best swing trading system?” “What is the best forex trading strategy?” And posted my answers with link to my website. I can’t remember the exact number but I think I posted like 5 times only in yahoo answers.

Then in 2014, I decided to do this on another forex site which I also owned:

  1. I was giving away a free trading ebook in exchange for getting visitors email. So after they give their email, instead being taken straight to the download page, another sales page comes up with this ebook for sale. I had a handful of sales from doing this as well.
  2. I also wrote a review (in 2014) on my other forex site which I mentioned above and that review got ranked pretty well on google for the product name search. Have a look at this:

my review got ranked on Google Page 1

That’s all the promotion I ever did. And I never did anything else ever since.

Now, to increase sales, I could have done the following:

  • Create and affiliate program and have a affiliates promote my ebook
  • Build content around my site to drive free organic traffic to my site and build email list as well in the process and market to my email list.
  • Paid advertising using Google, Facebook and Twitter, Bing/Yahoo

But I did not anyone of those mentioned above.

Traffic brings money so if you can focus on some of the areas that I’ve not done, you can make a lot of money from selling ebooks.


  1. I should have built my email list as one of the first things before I sold the ebook but I never did.  I should have given a free report or ebook or software  on my site to thee visitors. It would have allowed me to to at least capture email addresses so that I  could have promoted my ebook to them later as now they are on my list.
  2. I did hardly did any promotion at all. Lots of avenues for promotion were left untouched.
  3. Build an authority site instead of a thin landing page site. This will bring more organic visitors due to the increased content of the site and also more visitors mean a greater chance of building up my email list. My site was only with the main sales page, and a few other “about” “contact us” etc pages and 20 or so posts. I never bothered to focus on content writing to drive more organic traffic to my site. That’s a very thin site and that’s also reflected by the traffic I was getting each month.



One of the best places to fail cheaply and learn quickly is in internet marketing.

Let me explain…

With a brick-and-mortar business, you need a HUGE amount of upfront costs to set a business up and running and when it’s running, you need huge operating expenses, for example, for a store:

  • Rent may cost $$,$$$ a month
  • Utility bills, electricity, gas, water $,$$$ a month.
  • Insurance costs $,$$$
  • Then you’ve got to order the merchandise to fill up your store initially, which may be worth $100,000 or more per month and then you’ve got to continue to order them when stock runs out.
  • Then you’ve got to hire employees $$$,$$$

The cost is huge and if you fail, you stand to lose a LOT OF MONEY and it may  take a long time to  get tup on your feet again (that is if you ever get up again).

Now, compare that to an internet marketing business:

  • Domain name will cost you around $5 for the year.
  • Hosting  (rent) will cost you around $5/month
  • Hiring a website designer will cost you anywhere from $80-$500 or a little bit more depending on the complexity of your site.
  • No ongoing insurance payments require required
  • No staff required (it’s a different story if your website is huge that make millions to billions a year like,, etc, they  need employees)
  • If you outsource ebook writing, it may cost you anywhere from $100-$500. You don’t need to order merchandise because you have a digital download product . You create once and it’s there ‘forever”. An endless supply.
  • If you fail in this, your cost is very bearable and you can learn from this mistake and be better next time.



As you can see in this report, I was not an expert when I started. You’ve seen how I was pretty  dumb initially  in how to make money online but I went about publishing this ebook and selling it but still made money in the process, regardless.

  • I didn’t know much
  • but I just dived in and got my feet wet and learnt while doing it and you can do the same. Nothing beats experience.

Nike say is better: JUST DO IT!

It just shows you that you really don’t need to know EVERTYTHING to start making money online. You just have just do it. Just get started.  Just take action…Just start taking one step at a time.

That’s how it began for me:

  • What I didn’t know or couldn’t do it myself, I hired people smarter than me to do it for me.

These days, it is all easy.

Heck! You don’t even need to write an ebook. Somebody can write that for you! All you need to do is tell him what to write about and he will do it and there are lots of websites like, that you can hire ghost writers to write your ebook. And not just ebooks, just about anything from website design to ebook covers to creating software.

I hope this ebook has given you a good outline of what is required to create and publish your own ebook and make money online.



When you are thinking or dreaming of making money online, one of your biggest problem is “information overload”.

information paralysis stops many from making money online

You reasearch and read “all these” things about making money online and guess what happens to you?

You are left in the middle utterly confused about how and  where to start.

Believe me… if you haven’t started building a website yet or if you’ve just started and haven’t made money online yet, this is a tough time and if you are not careful, you’d be wasting a  lot of time and resources doing things you really don’t need.



When I was between 4-6 years old and growing up, I learnt to swim by being pushed into the water by the big boys older than me.

I would be standing by the bank of the river, too afraid to swim into the deeper pools of water where my feet cannot touch the bottom.

When I wouldn’t notice them, they would sneak behind my back and push me over into the deeper waters.

Survival instincts kick in and then I would thrash my arms and legs and start swimming back to the banks!  I had my fair share of swallowing water in the process as well!

Once I managed to get to the river bank, I would get sticks and stones and those big boys would flee in all directions… looking for cover!

But heck! That’s how I learnt to swim.

My advice is this: whatever it is that you are thinking of doing, just start doing it now…Get in, get your feet wet.

Only then you will know and grow in knowledge.



  • Only create and sell ebooks when you’ve determined that there is sufficient demand in the niche that you are selling the ebook in. Because if there’s no demand, you won’t sell your ebook.
  • If you can write the ebook yourself then do it. If you can’t write the ebook yourself, hire someone over to do it for you.
  • If you are not at graphics designer, you can get 3d ebook covers made for you also atwww.freelancer.comor over at or over a for just $5.
  • I’ve used to upload and sell my book from there and I only have to pay $5 per month. also has an affiliate system in place that allows affiliates to promote your ebook as well, if that is the path you’d also like to take to promote your ebook to get more sales. I cannot tell you about the affiliate system of because I have no experience in using it myself. When I do, I that would be a good subject of another blog post.
  • Test the price that you charge for you ebook and see which price makes you the most money. You can change your price easily in if you use that and once you change the price in, you also have to change the price on your website as well.
  • Building an email list to later promote your ebook is one strategy I’ve never go involved when I started with selling my first ebook. Now I know better. Build your email list, that’s your ATM and you own the traffic. Very important.

The $9,239 I made from selling the ebook happened because of one simple choice I made in 2011 to build a site and sell an ebook.

You see, the amount of money you make online tomorrow depends what type of choice and action you take today.

the amount of money you make online today depends on choices you made yesterday

If you have been thinking of creating your own ebook for some time and have never started, then I hope that you do.

For my case, the amount of effort I put to sell and promote the ebook is reflected by the amount of money I made each month from ebook sales, which ranged  anywhere from $100-$300 per month.

To be quite honest, I was pretty dumb in marketing and promotion of this ebook and I’ve never done anything on it for more than 3 years but it was always a surprise to get sales of my ebook every month.

One very important lesson I will leave with you also is this: you don’t need a lot of traffic to make money online by selling ebook as long as the small traffic you receive every month is targeted and is hungry and ready to buy, you will still get sales, regardless.

I was getting 300 visitors a month and was making $100-$300 a month selling a $27 ebook.