Finally Cracked The $300 Adsense Per Month In August

$300 adsense per month would be something you would be dreaming about if you are earning only $100 per month in adsense in your website or blog.

For my case, as of August 2016 I finally cracked the $300 in adsense for the month.

The previous month, of July, I made $153 in adsense.

Here’s a screenshot of my adsense account:

$300 per month adsense

How Long Did It Take Me To Reach $300 Adsense Per Month?

It has taken a while but I managed to achieve that within 8 months.

Here’s a fact. If you’ve just started a new blog and monetized it with adsense but your traffic is like 100-1000 per month, don’t ever think that you are going to get $300 adsense per month soon.

Expect to make cents or even a few dollars in the first few months.

Contrary to what you might think, adsense income is dependent on traffic. The more traffic you get, the more money you can make from adsense.

It was quite disappointing for me in the first few months where I was making less than $10 per month in adsense.

But as I wrote more and my website traffic started to increase, my adsense earnings were also starting to increase.


What It Takes To Get $300 Per Month In Adsense?

For my case, that took 250 posts. In terms of traffic, that took 41,569 visitors in the month of August to achieve that.

Here’s my google analytics screenshot for the traffic data for the month of August:

website traffic for $300 adsense per month


Am I Pleased With That $300 Adsense For The Month?

I’m not pleased.

Simply because this could have been more. Without revealing the exact click through rate, I’m getting between 0.2-0.3 adsense click through rate.

I tried so many things to increase my click through rate to at least 1 % but it seems to be stuck at that rate. And I will keep trying.

If my click through rate was 1%, the minimum I would have made in adsense would be at least $1,500.

Getting my adsense click through rate to an average of 1% would be really something that will make a drastic difference in my adsense earnings if my website traffic remains pretty much the same.

What’s Next?

I’m pretty excited with my website traffic increases though. If my adsense click through rates stays the same even if I try all sorts of things to improve it then I need to work on increasing my website traffic to make up for the low click through rate I’m getting.

I did not do much writing as I would have liked for the month of August. I’m kind of thinking I need help with a content writer but the niche I’m is pretty hard to find good writers.

I’m sort of thinking that when my adsense monthly income reaches something around $1000 per month than I’d be using that to invest back into hiring writers to write content for my site.

Adsense Income Report for May 2016

The following gives you a quick glimpse of my adsense income earnings for year 2015 and also 2016.

2015 Adsense Income

July 2015 Adsense Income $6.43

August 2015 Adsense Income $16.41

September 2015 Adsense Income $10.33

October 2015 Adsense Income $4.44

November 2015 Adsense Income $9.81

December 2015 Adsense Income  $37.84

2016 Adsense Income

January 2016 Adsense Income $9.02

February 2016 Adsense Income $11.85

March 2016 Adsense Income $34.82

April 2016 Adsense Income $65.37

May 2016 Adsense Income $68.83

Adsense Earnings for May 2016

Adsense Income Report for April 2016

Really happy with this month’s adsense earnings, I made $65.37.


Adsense earnings for april 2016

Adsense Income Report For March 2016

I made $34.82 for march. This is quite a big increase compared to previous months adsense earnings:

Adsense earnings for march 2016

Adsense Income Report For Feb 2016

A slight increase in adsense income compared to last month. I got $11.85 for February:

Adsense Income report for Feb 2016

Adsense Income Report For Jan 2016

Not much improvement for my adsense income for January 2016.

The adsense income I got was $9.02

Adsense income for january 2016


Adsense Income Report For December 2015

This is my adsense income report for the month of December.

For some reason, this month was a really good month.   To put this month’s adsense income in perpective, I have to compare it with the other previous months adsense income so you can see what I am talking about:

July 2015 Adsense Income $6.43

August 2015 Adsense Income $16.41

September 2015 Adsense Income $10.33

October 2015 Adsense Income $4.44

November 2015 Adsense Income $9.81

December 2015 Adsense Income  $37.84

December 2015 adsense earnings income report


Absolutely nothing…


Well here are some main reasons (or excuses):

  • I did not have much motivation at all to write any new content for my two sites. I still haven’t written any content for my 2nd site for 5 months now.
  • I spent long hours daily on my job and when I get home, I am often tired and when I have my days off, I am in no mood to work on my sites.
  • family responsibilities/distractions

That’s the fun working on a 9-5 job and still trying to make money online, right?



I had 1,150 visits on my site due to Organic Search, which meant people found my website by typing specific keywords on Google and other search engines to get to my website:

Organic Search Results

The Organic Traffic for my site increased by 15.58% compared to last month:

Organic Website Traffic Increase


For adsense publishers like me, one of the biggest problems faced is nothing to do with traffic.

Traffic is important if you really want to make money as an adsense publisher, no doubt about that.

But you see…

Traffic only comes to a site when you have content that drives traffic.


By writing content that gets found in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and also gets shared, linked to etc…

So my problem is content creation: I am not writing enough content to keep the momentum going.

As a  matter of fact, the adsense income I’ve got so far are from only one site-and this site, I have written only one post in December and that was it.

For my my second site, I have not writen any content for  5 months now.

That kind of sucks because I know the only way to keep going forward and to keep my ambition of making $100 a day in adsense is go full steam ahead, but that is not really happening at the pace that I want.



Whichever way you look at it, there are only two ways to solve my content writing problem:

  • write content myself
  • outsource my content writing tasks.

I’ve stated disadvantages of writing content myself previously above.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been been thinking of hiring a writer or maybe two separate writers and they will be each responsible for one site each as they are not in the same niche.

The hardest thing for me with that is finding a writer that would really understand what I want in a content and write content that not only is entertaining but get shared and linked so in that way I build backlinks (for free) as well as drive more visitors to my website.

Adsense Income Report November 2015

My adsense income for November 2015 was AU $11.




Adsense Income Report November 2015


Not a big improvement compared to last month’s organic traffic but still the traffic is increasing each month regardless:

Website Traffic November 2015



Adsense Income Report For October 2015

I made $6.62 in adsense earnings in October 2015.

Adsense Income Report October 2015



My website traffic details, still improved compared to last month, September 2015.

Website Traffic October 2015

Adsense Income Report September 2015

This is my adsense income report for September 2015.

I generated AU$10.33 for the month of September.

Compared to August 2015 adsense income report, I am slightly under.

However this is not too bad.

Adsense Income Report September 2015



In comparison to August 2015, my website traffic improved a lot.

  • I got 103.37% more organic traffic than I got in August

Website Traffic


Google Adsense Income Report For August 2015

Google Adsense Income Report August 2015

This  the Google Adsense Income Report For August 2015 for two adsense niche sites that I have recently started to build in June 2015 with the aim of making $100 a day from Adsense.

I have have been busy in August writing content for my website in the forex niche and as I’m writing this now, I got 89 published posts in total so far.

When it comes to making money with adsense, content is king.

The second website, I have left stagnant and haven’t done anything to it in August.

My plan as it stands is to get the forex niche site to where it needs to be and then start working on my 2nd site.



Now, for the month of August, my total adsense earnings came to $11.98.

When you compare this to my adsense income for July 2015,  which was $4.78, this is an increase of $7.20 or 151% .


Online Income Report August 2015

My Adsense Income For August 2015


So the question is: Am I happy with my adsense income for the month of August?

Yes, I am…a little bit.

Why I said a little bit is because I also had a previous adsense site where I made AU$28.69 in  adsense earnings in the first month and comparing the results of this website to that website, it’s not even close yet…but here’s the thing though: that site had a decent amount of traffic happening before I decided to install adsense that’s why the earnings on that site were higher in the first month compared to the site I’m writing about in this report.

So in light of that, I’d say, yes, for a brand new ansense site to be making this much money in the 2nd month is really good.



I really believe in targeting long tailed keywords with low competition and writing post targeting those keywords.

Now, when I say “target”, I really don’t mean writing posts and over stuffing it with keywords to increase my keyword density.

As a matter of fact, I really care less about keyword density and trying to stuff a lot of keywords I’m targeting in a post that I create.

If you write like that, there’s no “life” and no connection in that kind of post and visitors can feel that. You really don’t want to be doing that.

When I write posts, I write like I talk or I write like I’m explaining something to a friend in a conversational tone.

If you are finding it difficult to write, then  I’ve just given you the simplest and the best technique to write: write content for people, not Google or Yahoo or Bing.

Yes, you need the SEO benefit for every post you create but when you write a post in a conversational tone, everything you are stressing about will fall into place. Here’s what I mean:

  1. the main keyword that you are targeting in that post will fall naturally throughout your posts in a logical sequence and you won’t need to stress about how to fit them into a post that does not have enough of that keyword (keyword stuffing in other words)
  2. you will actually end up writing long tailed keywords in the process without realizing it.
  3. you will also end up writing the variation of the main keyword you are targeting without actually thinking about it.

The you will see the benefit of writing post like that.

It wont take long before you’ll see organic traffic coming to your site.

Believe me. Google will send you free traffic quite quickly from long tailed keywords.

So how did my forex site perform in terms of traffic for the month of August? Here’s the Google Analytics Audience Overview Chart showing how many people visited my site:

Adsense Niche Site Website Traffic August 2015

Now, if that’s not interesting, this one is! Let me dig deeper and show your what channels the traffic came from:

Google Analytics Traffic Channels For August

Notice my Organic Traffic Above? Most of these are from Long Tailed Keywords with Low Competition.

What is surprising is that most of these long tailed keyword were not specifically targeted  in my posts. But google is giving me page 1 rankings and some of these long tailed keywords are even sitting on Position 1 page 1 of Google.

Here’s the screen shot of the organic traffic from keywords and notice especially the long tailed keywords (that have been blacked out…sorry can’t show them to you).

Here’ the thing with long tailed keywords: they may not bring a lot of traffic monthly but if you write hundreds of posts and google ranks your for many hundreds of long tailed keywords, you’d be amazed at the traffic numbers you get at the end of the month.

Long Tailed Keywords


Google analytics shows that my Organic keywords as well as organic traffic are increasing.

Also I can show the same information by using the ahrefs positions explorer tool and here is what its showing:

Ahrefs Position Explorer Tool Shows Website Organic Traffic and Organic Keywords Increasing

What these shows is that my strategy about targeting long tailed keywords with low competition is working. I expect this increase to continue to next month.


I’ve created a facebook page and so far I’ve got 32 facebook fans.

If you noticed on the previous chart above,  the social traffic I got for the month of August all came from Facebook. That’s one traffic channel which I intend to focus a lot more in the future as this website continues to increase.



The purpose of creating my email list is two fold:

  1. I control the traffic. So whenever I create new post, I email my list and I’d get visitors within seconds and minutes.
  2. If I have product to promote, its much easier to promote and get sales from  your list who know you already then to cold sell to someone you don’t know.

This is one job that I haven’t started yet and which I intend to complete by end of September 2015. I still have yet to work on my “lead magnet”.

If you don’t know, a lead magnet is a free ebook, free report, free software etc that you give away for on a website in exchange for a visitors email address. Its really an “ethical bribe”…

For example you go to a website where you see this report about “10 Simple Techniques To Increase Your Adsense Earnings by 1000%” and the person is giving away free but to do that, you have to enter your email address first before you get sent the download link to the report in an email (or a new page opens up a website after you’ve entered your email address so you can access the free report etc).




Which email service provider will I use?

Well, I’ve used getresponse and I’m familiar with them so that’d be the one that I’m going to use and I don’t intend to change that.

Everybody has an opinion or two about which one of these two email service providers is the best…and I suppose they are entitled to that but at the end of the day, its not which email service provider you are with but are you making money with the email list you created?

That’s the million dollar question.



I have a two product ideas in my head that I can create:

  1. one is a software
  2. and the other one is an ebook-a course on a very specific subject related to the forex niche where I see there’s still a great need for great information regarding that.

The fact is: I really don’t know which one to chose or should I create them both?

When will these happen? I intend to get one or both of these two completed by end of October.



Working part time online as well having my day job and then coming home to a family and a little 5 year old girl growing up fast is not that easy as  I really have to get my online-work-family-life balance right.

Sometimes I spend too much time after work on my computer building up my sites and I forget what time it is…only to  realize its late in the night and  I’ve missed telling a bed time story to my daughter.

You see, once she grows up, she will hate staying around me but when she is young as she is now,  she’s “daddy’s girl” for now so time spent now with her and playing with her is…well, precious.

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Google Adsense Income Report July 2015

Google Adsense Report July 2015

Hello Guys and Girls,

this is  report about my Google adsense income for July 2015.

I have begun creating two different niche sites starting on June 2015.



The first niche is in the forex trading niche and I have currently more than 70 posts of content so far and I plan to continue adding more content.

With the second website, I have hardly begun anything except a few post of content and my initial Idea on it is like a viral news/videos site similar to viralnova or buzzfeed but with a different twist: to actually write content with SEO in mind so that these post or pages created will continue to rank organically.

There are 2 main  problems I see with viral sites like and these are:

  1. they depend a lot on clickbait headlines to make people click and then get viral social sharing to get more visitors to share their stories. And right now, its working for them but once a post is created, it really has no SEO benefit  because each post is a very thinly written post with images and or video.
  2. The next biggest problems is this: they need to CONTINUE  create a lots of content…LOTS OF IT to keep people coming for more simply because they have no SEO benefit and its hardly those posts will rank well in google!

What I aim to do with my 2nd site is learn from the model of viral sites but then write really good content around with clickbait headlines.


Well, clickbait headlines arouse curiosity and gets more clicks and then the next things my content for each post will be at last more than 400 words and make sure that the  content is quality so even years down the line, my posts will rank organically on search engines line Google, Bing or Yahoo.

That to me is a long term model that can be sustained and that I how I will build this site.



The traffic numbers for July are only from the forex niche site as I really don’t have much content on my second site yet.

Here was my traffic for the month of July:

Website Traffic For July 2015

What were the Traffic Sources? Here’s the data provided by Google Analytics:

Website Visitor Traffic Channels

Now, don’t be deceived by the “referral” traffic. That’s referral spam traffic. Since this is a fairly new site, there’s no organic and social traffic yet.

Next month in August 2015, there’s definitely going to be some statistics on website visitor traffic from these two channels.





Adsense Earnings Income Report July 2015



I am doing my own content writing for my two websites. And to be quite honest, writing quality content is not easy as you’ve really got to think about how well you are going to present the content to the visitor who reads it.

In addition to that, sometimes you really got to self-motivate to actually get off your bum to do the content writing work.

The fact that content writing can be outsourced is an option I have not fully explored yet. If I do and If I have success or failures with such alternative, then I’m pretty sure that would be the subject of later posts.

Don’t forget to share this post on facebook or twitter etc if you liked it…would mean the world to me if you do and thanks for visiting my blog.