The 6 Step Process I Used To Steal A Competitor’s Website Traffic

In this post, I will show you the 6 step process I used to steal competitor’s website traffic.

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, sometimes it pays to study what your competitor is doing and here’s a very interesting thing: sometimes your competitor will rank a page or post for a keyword that is really easy for you to rank as well and steal some of that traffic he gets as well.

I found out about  this by accident actually.

I have a free account with Ahrefs so one day I used the Ahrefs site explorer and typed my competitors domain name into it and what I did after that is what this post is all about.

Here’s my Google Analytics account showing the traffic that lands on that page/post I created ranking for the same keyword my competitor is ranking for.

steal competitor's website traffic


Step 1: I Went To Ahrefs.Com and Used their Site Explorer can be used as a free option or you can pay monthly subscription fees to access a lot more features. I currently use the free option which services my purposes for now until I get really complicated…

Step 2: I Typed my competitor’s domain name in Ahrefs Site Explorer

Site explorer reveals top 5 pages of my competitor (if you use the free version of Ahrefs, it only reveals the top 5 pages). I checked those 5 pages and noted the main potential keywords those pages could be ranking for in Google and typed those keywords in Google to prove it.

Step 3: I Used Google Keyword Planner Tool

This is to check monthly search volumes and also check the competition of those 5  keywords. I used this step to eliminate keywords  that would be difficult to rank and also find the keyword that is easy to rank that I can build my content around.

Once I’ve found that main keyword, I also researched using the keyword planner tool, the other related keywords that would makes sense to use in my content as well and got a list of those as well.


Step 4: I Studied My Competitor’s Content

This is to find out how many words were used in his content, what kind of images used etc and if those images were seo optimized or not.

When I say competitor here…I mean the website that is on Google #1 spot on Page 1.

I then ask myself this question: how can I do mine better than this guy?

Step 5: I Wrote a much better content than my Competitor

I wrote a much better content that what my competitor wrote. For example, if my competitor ranks for the main keyword from a post that has only 1000 words, then I have to write a post that is 1500-2000 words long and use a lot of related keywords in that content as well.

And my content has got to be 10 times better…no just fluff and filling up space.

Step 6: I wrote a Catchy Post Title As Well As Catchy Meta Description

This step is very important.

Here’s the thing I do when I search for something in Google: I scan the first page of google first to see what search results there fits my search query.

And the first thing that catches a searcher’s eye is the Title/Headline.

I just don’t click #1 spot website on the first page of Google. It just doesn’t happen that way for me.

And on most occasions, I would click on a headline that catches my attention or arouses my curiosity…even if that website ranks on the 10th position in Google page 1.

Here’s an example of my competitors  Title(I’ve change it as I’m not going to reveal my site or my competitors site)”

Competitors title: Sports Cars For The Rich

My Title: 10 Amazing Sport Cars For The Rich

I only changed two things in the title:

  1. I placed a number in front and
  2. placed and adjective (describing word in front of the noun…”sports car)

And then I hit the published button when I was satisfied with what I wrote.

Now tell me, which Title would prompt you to click on the link on Google Page 1 search results?

Guess what? My title will.

Google Page 1 Ranking Timeline

I wrote and published that post on 11th April. On 14th April (that’s 3 days later), I had my first 2  visitors land on that page.

Visitors averaged around 2-4 visitors per day for the rest of April.

Then May came and toward the end of may, I was getting 5-10 visitors per day on average.

June saw big traffic spike…


Because that post is now ranking on Google Page 1 for that main keyword.  My competitor has less traffic to his site because of my post. Now we have to share.

I’m now currently ranking for the main keyword in Google Page 1 and I’m in the number 3 spot.

My competitor occupies the number 1 spot for this keyword. There’s also another site that occupies the 2nd spot.

I’m in the number 3 spot in Google page 1 but I believe, placing a number in front of the title and using the word “amazing” has made my website get more clicks that those 2 websites dominating spot 1 and 2.

Interesting, isn’t it?  See if you can copy this strategy on your own sites as well. You learn a lot everyday.

(GOAL) 250,000 Website Visitors Per Month To My Blog

In February 14th, 2016, I put a sticky note in front of me where my laptop sits and on that note was this statement:

Traffic Goal:250,000 Visitors A Month

That note is a constant reminder of where I want to go.

For anyone running a blog, the biggest motivation is to make money out of it. Now, I’m not going to talk about the ways of making money online from a blog.

There are so many resources online for that kind of topic. Just google it.

This post here is to show where my progress is in terms of achieving my goal of 250,000 visitors to my blog.


So Where Am I Now?

As of June 2016, I’ve achieve one tenth of my website’s traffic goal. My Traffic for June  was 24,984 visitors.

Here’s a screenshot of my google analytics account:

250000 website traffic per month target

Here are a few interesting things to note:

  • between Feb and Mar, traffic increased almost by 100 %. Same thing also between March and April
  • and traffic has continued to increase each month.

The reason my website traffic increased is because I’ve continued to produce more content. I’m looking for low competition keywords and really write good posts around them.

And when they start ranking, that’s when traffic starts increasing.

So what is my website traffic forecast for July 2016?

I think I’ll get a figure between 30,000 to 40,000 website visitors.


How Long Will It Take To Achieve 250,000 Visitors Per Month?

I cannot answer that. What I know is that If I continue doing what I’m doing, I will get there because what I’m doing is working. The traffic data above is a proof of that.

I know how to get there…


How Much Money Can I Make In Adsense If I Reach 250,000 Visitors Per Month?

I’m averaging and RPM between $2.30-$3 per 1000 visitors.  Let me pick the lowest number… Therefore, I’d be making $575 per month in adsense if RPM $2.30.

That figure has a lot of variable in it. It can be more or it can be less.

A previous website I owned was making above $200 per month with only 6000 visitors per month.


What I Learned From Building Adsense Websites

Adsense earnings increase over time. It is kind of frustrating seeing the trickle in adsense earning in the early stages.

Is it because as a website is older and has more authority in Google’s eyes, google places ads with better CTR on your site and revenue increases?

I really don’t know.

With the previous site I mentioned, there were good days I was making $20 per day in adsense. With this new site, I’ve haven’t reached a $10 day in adsense yet.

The highest I’ve reached is $7.