Flipping Websites Case Study-How I Made $5,000 By Selling My Website On Flippa

This is my story of flipping websites. You will learn How I Personally Took A Site From 0 to 28,000 Monthly Page Views Earning $130 to $200 Adsense Per Month And Flipped It For $5,000 (That’s 3,846% Profit )3 Years Later.

Website Flipping



This is my story from start to finish about how I was able to build a website in 2012 in the very competitive forex niche, rank it, make money using adsense, and eventually flip it for US$5,000 on flippa.com 3 years later in 2015.

I’m going to break down exactly how I’ve done that and this includes:

  • niche research and buying domain name
  • how to design a website even if you have zero knowledge about it.
  • how to write content that ranks fast and drive organic traffic quickly,
  • how to drive traffic with social media,
  • how to build an email list,
  • how to list the site in in Flippa.com so you can get your website sold fast
  • lessons learned and  what this experience has taught me.

And maybe you can learn something from it about how to build up websites and later flip for massive profits.

So get yourself a nice warm cup of coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy this report…because I can tell you it is almost 13,000 words long.

My first site was a very simple wordpress site that I built to sell an ebook and  without any hardly promotion at all. I did not do any SEO and left it almost untouched for more than 3 years but each month, I would make money from that ebook. My website traffic wasn’t that great either, but regardless, I was making money from the few hundred visitors that visited that site each month.

If you wan’t to know I reveal exactly how I did that, it will be in this post here:

How To Write An Ebook And Make$9,239

You see, I still have my day job. I’m not a internet marketing guru. What I have learnt I’m sharing with you on my site here.

But here’s the bad thing about still having a job and trying to make money online is that so much of my time is spent on my day job and very little time on my online business and that kind of sucks because the only time I have is on weekends and when I try to make use of most of that little time on my online ventures, my daughter wants to play with me but that’s not all…

If I spend too much time in front of the laptop, the lady of the house tells me: “That laptop must be your first wife!”

making money online and dealing with family commitments

But I’ve been able to push ahead at my own pace and learnt so many things about making money online and it’s these kind of experiences (the good as well as the bad) which I’m going to share with you here in this report as well as on my website: www.howtomakemoney-online.com


When I get such a report (like this you are reading) or read anything by anyone saying that they earn such and such, I prefer proof of that.

I’ve made money from this site by:

  • flipping this site on flippa.com eventually
  • adsense
  • advertising
  • by affiliate commissions

I will show you proofs of each of the above…


This was my adsense site that I flipped: www.swing-trading-strategies.com

As soon as my website got sold it appeared under the “just sold” section of flippa.com:

Flipping Websites On Flippa

Note that the $5,000 amount is in US Dollars.  You can actually go to flippa and check this out.

This one below is the screenshot of  my flippa dashboard (only the seller in flippa has access to this info):

Flipping Adsense Website on Flippa

Here are the proof of adsense payments made by Google to My bank account:

money into my bank account from website sale

The screenshot of my bank statement above shows $5,971.25 payment I received from flippa.com after the website was sold.

Now you are getting confused, right?

How come the website was sold for $5,000 US dollars and then Flippa sends $5,971.25 into my bank account?

Well, that $5,971.21 is in Australia Dollars.

Flippa charged me a 10% fee on the sale price and that left me with US$4,500.

In addition to that, before I listed my site on flippa I had to pay a featured listing fee as well.

So what happened was that the Australia dollar was weaker against the US dollar during the period so when the US dollars was transferred to the my Bank Account in Australian Dollars, it came to $5,971.21



 Prior to selling the site on flippa.com, this site was also earning income from adsense.  For the 3 or so years that I had that website, I also made a total lifetime adsense earnings of $1,555.94:

Adsense Income Proof

Not a life-changing adsense income but when you consider the fact that, this means an extra $100 or $200 sent to my bank account by Google  monthly or after a few months, it comes handy… to pay phone and gas and electricity bills and sometimes even have a little bit left to buy my 6 packs of Great Northern and I don’t have to use my salary to do that.

Here are the proof of adsense payments made by Google to My bank account:

Monthly Adsense Income Payments to My Bank Account



 In addition to adsense, I also had a company advertise their banner ad on my site for a year for a total revenue of $1,200 and these below are the screenshot paypal payments they sent me:

Website Advertising Revenue


Forex Broker Affiliate Commission:  Forex brokers offer some of the highest payout commissions for each person that you sign up through your affiliate link or banner on your site.

This below is a screenshot showing you the largest single affiliate commission I received from a forex broker. I had a banner ad on the right hand sited of my site as well as a few links placed strategically on posts of my site that got a lot of visitors.

Affiliate Income

Unfortunately, this was the only commission I received as I wasn’t very successful getting a lot of affiliate commissions like this.

Proof: Clickbank Affiliate Commission:

I was also promoting a  clickbank forex trading signal service using banner ad on my site and resulted in two signups and made $56.18 but clickbank stole my commissions: http://howtomakemoney-online.com/clickbank-affiliate/

You can read my story about what happened when you click if you click the link above.

I really did not have much success with that banner add so eventually removed it.



  1. Cost to build the site=$130 one time.
  2. Hosting=$5/monthx36months=$180
  3. Getresponse=$15/month x 6 months=$90
  4. Lifetime Adsense Revenue=$1,555.94
  5. Ad Revenue=$1,179 (minus paypal fees)
  6. Affiliate Commission=$200
  7. Website Flip Revenue=$4,500 (minus flippa 10% cost)                

NET PROFIT =US$7,039.94

Now, just remember, it cost me $130 to build this website in the first place.

So what are the lessons I learnt from this?



  • As you can see, there was nothing fancy about my website,
  • It is a 3 column wordpress site with a logo that really looks ugly and a massive header space that has absolutely nothing in it.
  • But this was a website that was making money each month

Adsense Website

If you are starting to build a website and if your INITIAL focus is on designing a pretty looking website, I think you need to change your focus.

If you think that the logo of the website is the most important thing and try to make yours look like a million bucks, you are wasting your time.

Here’s why:

  • A logo on your website will NEVER make you money.
  • Nobody visits your site to see your logo or how pretty looking your website is. They are there for content, information.

That’s it!

What you should be focused on when you are building a new site is:

  1. having a proper structure in place, like how many columns your website is going to have, how is the content going to be arranged  to make it easy for visitor to read or navigate and once that’s sorted,
  2. your next focus should be entirely on creating amazing content. Great content that will bring lots of visitors and lots of visitors means money.

It’s that simple.

That’s what I did for this site. It was only like a year later that I got the logo for my site and that’s why you can see that ugly looking logo above.



When you build niche sites, don’t build thin niche sites… You should aim to be the best in your niche.

What I mean is that you should aim to build authoritative niche sites.

I’m talking about building sites with hundreds of posts/pages of content so you rank for a lot of keywords in Google and this is what drives free organic traffic to your website.  Google will love you for it.

The days of creating thin niche sites and  ranking on Google page 1 with only 5 pages of content are long gone. This can only happen in niches with very low to zero competition.

These days, the landscape of SEO has changed dramatically and its more about QUALITY and ENGAGMENT.

It is all about creating and presenting engaging content that visitors will love and keep coming back for more.

With an adsense site, the more traffic you receive, there’s great potential to make a lot more money.

When you create such a website, you have created value.

And Guess what?

People pay a lot more money for a valuable site should you decide to flip your site.



You can try a lot of monetizing strategies for your website but there will only be one or two that will bring in the most money. For my case, adsense provided a  consistent/steady income.

Sometimes, it’s the strategy you use that determines your level of success. For my case, if I feel and see that one strategy is not working, I remove it.

Maybe next time, I will have to re-think my strategy in affiliate marketing?



I built this site and it cost me $130. I sold it later for $5000.

If you are spending a lot of money on hiring a designer to build your site for $1,000 and above, you must have a lot of money to burn…

Adsense sites make their money on content.

Knowing this, money should be spent on content creation if you cannot write content yourself.

It is content that gets your site ranked for keywords in search engines and that’s how visitors end up on your site. So you really need to be focused on creating lots of content and if you need to spend money, that’s where you need to spend a lot, instead of spending a tonne of money to make your website look pretty.

Let the “pretty part” come later after you’ve started making money from that site. Use the money that site makes to make it pretty instead of using it from your pocket.



When I first learnt about “website flipping” in around 2011, I was like “Really? People buy and sell websites and make money?”

I never could comprehend at that time why anyone would pay for something that “you can’t touch” or even feel or smell. I did not understand how and why anyone would pay for a virtual property.

But eventually, as I read more about it, I began to understand: people pay for value.

If you don’t know what website flipping, here’s a bit of an explanation.

Website flipping is when you buy a website, improve it and sell it a higher price. Or you can also have website you have that you flip (sell).

The term got its name from the property industry where investors will buy properties, renovate it, add value and then sell it a higher price.

There are 3 main steps involved in website flipping and here they are:

  1. Buying a website. This is where you research and find a suitable website to buy. It is the most important step. Ideally, you’d want to find a website that has not yet fully developed to its full potential and you can take it to the next level.
  2. Adding value. This is similar to real estate where you renovate, maybe add pool etc…to add value. In website flipping case, this step is often about doing some changes on the website so there is an increased traffic and if there is an increased traffic, there’s potential to increase the revenue of the website.
  3. Selling. This is called flipping. You now sell the website that you’ve added value and if you have improved the website in terms of traffic/revenue, the chances are that you will get a higher price compared to what you paid for initially and make a decent profit.

This is a very basic explanation of how website flipping works.

There’s no other place to show you proof of how lucrative building up websites and selling it can be except at www.flippa.com, which is the #1 website in the world for buying and selling websites.

Here are just a few examples of sites that have sold on flippa:

Website Flipping Is Lucrative 2 Website Flipping Is Lucrative

As you can see, flipping website is a lucrative niche and people are making money doing that.



When you build a site, it is similar to building a business. If somewhere down the line, if it grows big, you can sell it and make a lot of money.

  • Any niche website you build, think of it as you are building a house or a business…
  • and someday in the future, when that site increases in value, you may decide to sell it and you are  going to sell it for a lot more money that it cost you to buy or build.

Or should you decide to keep the site, it’s all up to you.

So how do you go about building sites like these that you can flip for a lot of money?

Well, you need to follow some proven steps.

For the next following sections, I will take you through the steps I went in building this site up before selling it.



What is your passion?  What are you so crazy about?  What can you do or talk, read, research, day dream about without getting bored?

I built my website to what it was because it is a niche I have a keen passion in. Without passion, I would not have got that site to what it was before I sold it…

I’ve got a few sites in other niches where I am not passionate about which I built up from the spur of the moment and I have hardly done anything on them for years now or have bought from flippa.com and have done nothing about them.

If you are passionate about a niche or a topic, motivation is easy to come by and this will keep you going for a long time building your site up.

So what exactly is passion?

Well, in my own words, passion is more than a passing interest.

You see, anybody can be interested in most things. But passion is different because most often, it only involves one or two or only a very handful of things or subject.

If you are passionate about something, this is what you tend to do:

  1. you can talk about it all through the night without getting tired.
  2. some people will think you are nuts because you may spend a lot of your time doing that thing over and over again and never get tired.
  3. You spend a lot of money on your passion and won’t seem like a cost to you. Let me give you an example…In Australia, I’ve had “mates” that like restoring and fixing up old cars and making them look like brand spanking new. They spend a “fortune” on buying parts, paint job and you name it…Their wives complain but they keep spending regardless…unprofitable passion on 99% of cases but because that’s what they enjoy doing after work and it keeps the man away from the pub (so the wife should be happy for that instead of complaining J).
  4. You can’t walk away from it. You will always get back to doing it, talking about it, and thinking about it. It occupies you.

That’s passion. But there’s one big problem…


Now, it’s good to have a passion for something, but the bad news is that not all passions can make money.

You really need to find out if your passion can be turned into a profit or not.

You can have a lot more knowledge about your passion and what you love doing but knowledge is not everything when to comes to successfully turning your passion into profit.

You are trying to do a business here. So such questions like these need to asked and answered:

  • What are your competitors, what are you up against?
  •  Do you have marketing and business skills? If not, work on learning and acquiring those skills that are necessary to turn your passion into profit.
  • Have you done a market research? What does the numbers say? What is the point of trying to turn a passion into a profit if there’s not enough paying demand for your idea.
  • Have you tested your idea and have you got some honest feedback?
  • If you are trying to enter a crowded market space, what differentiates your product from the rest already there?

There are lot more questions to answer than those ones that I’ve listed above.  But the bottom line is this: the only way you can turn your passion into profit is when there is a buying demand for your idea or passion.

So what is a buying demand? Well, it actually means that there is a sufficient demand and people are spending money on it.

In step 2, there’s a lot more detail on how you can actually go about doing your research to see if there’s demand for your passion or idea and that it can be monetized or not.



So you know what you are passionate about. And you want to make money with it. Whatever it is, it is going to fall in a specific niche. It can be any of these niches here:

Niche Ideas

For my case, niche research involves 3 things:

  • Niche size…if the niche big enough so you can make money? Or if the niche is small, is it a “buyers” niche?  For example, a keyword in a niche can get only few hundred searches a month but if that keyword is a product keyword, you can make money in that niche even though it’s only a tiny traffic volume per month.
  • Niche demand…is there opportunity to make money in that niche or not? Are people selling products in that niche? If that is the case, that tells you that money is being made in that niche. You can be passionate about a niche/topic but if there’s no demand, you will not make money. It’s that simple.
  • Niche competition…don’t be a fool and build a site in a very highly competitive niche like “credit card”, “insurance” etc.  However, having said that, my site was built in a very competitive niche and I was targeting a very competitive keyword but my strategy was different and I have been able to rank my main keyword by beating other thousands of websites to rank for that specific keyword in Google Page 1 and I will show you how I did it in this report.

But what is the best niche to build and adsense site on?

The best niches are ones that:

  • You have at least a passion in.
  •  Has a ton of traffic volume.
  • has a decent CPC(cost per click)

But here’s the thing though…With Adsense, every niche is profitable.


Because adsense is super targeted and it displays ads that are relevant to the interests of the person who is online.

An example:

  • if you are on a used car website, you will see the adsense ad of a credit card displayed there.
  • Most likely, you’ve also been hunting around online to get a credit card and based on that Google is showing you that credit card ad on a Car website.

Here’s another example:

  • if you are looking to date a woman online and you’ve visited a couple of dating websites previously, guess what add will show up if you are on a car website? An ad from a dating site showing a very pretty woman.

That’s how Google serves relevant ads based on the interest of a person.

But there’s a catch: Traffic Volume.

  • Any niche can be profitable for adsense if there’s sufficient traffic volume.
  • Which means you can find a niche with very low competition and you can rank very easily but does it have sufficient traffic volume to make money from adsense?
  • If I was building an adsense site in very low competition niche where I believe I can rank a site fairly quickly, I would be looking for traffic volume over  5,000 or more visitors per month.  That’s just me.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of niches that have very huge monthly traffic volumes that have absolutely low completion which means you can build up a site, write content and rank fairly quickly.

If you find such a niche, take note.

I will give you an example of such a niche here: quotes niche.

That keyword alone gets 3,350,000 million visitors a month. It’s HUGE!

Keyword Traffic Research

Study which sites are ranking on  Page1 of Google for the quotes keyword and get some ideas and try to think outside the box a little bit here and see if you come up with an idea that makes yours unique but still present what people interested in quotes are looking for.

If you look at the website that is ranking first on page1 of Google for the quotes keyword, that site is being monetized with adsense:

Website Ranking on Google Page 1 for quotes keyword

That site above is Monetized with Adsense as shown below:

Website Monetized with Adsense

That person who owns this site above is making a lot of money with adsense.

The biggest factor in choosing a niche is traffic volume. More than CPC, look at traffic potential first.

You will see that some niches pay a lot pay per click (PPC) than others.

For example keywords like, divorce lawyers, car insurance quotes have a really high  PPC like shown below:

High Pay Per Click Keywords

Does that mean, Google will pay you $30.97 when somebody clicks an adsense ad on your site with the “car insurance quote” keyword on it?

No, Google must get its cut too: publishers receive 68% of the revenue and Google 32%. For example  above, an advertiser pays $30.97 for a click then $21.06 cents will go to the publisher and $9.91 to Google.

You can see above that:

  • The paid  ads search results are dominated by  big name insurance companies
  • And also the organic results are dominated by big name insurance companies.

Good luck trying to create a website to rank for such high competition niche keyword…

When I did my keyword research to build my adsense site, I had ONLY two objectives in my mind:

  1.  find how much search volume the main keyword receives per month
  2. And how competitive that keyword is



The simple free tool I use is the Google keyword planner tool (back then in 2011 it was called google keyword tool).

I don’t spend money on paid keyword research tools where you can spend anywhere from $27 to more than $100 subscription fee per month.

Before I built the site up:

  • I already knew that the niche I was going to build my site up had a lot of demand which means
  • There was potential to sell my own product as well as promoting affiliate products and I can make money so it was really a no-brainer.

But if you are just starting out and you don’t know, here’s what to do:

  • Type the main keyword (for example: swing trading strategies) in google search and you’d get something like this:

Keyword Research Using Google Search

Now, to build an adsense site targeting such keywords is difficult because:

  • you are going up against some big name companies with very big pockets as well as
  • long established authority sites that will be hard to topple off their first page positions.

In Australia, when you type “car insurance quotes”, this is what you get:

High PPC Keywords

  • See if there’s demand in that niche.

How? On your Google search results, notice if there’s any paid advertisements on the top and on the right side of Google, then you know there’s demand in that niche because advertisers are paying Google for that keyword.

If you have a product idea in that niche, you can actually make money by selling it if you see there are advertisements on Google for it as shown above.

  • Next thing, use Google keyword planner and look at monthly search

Now, even though 1,300 searches per month is not really a lot of traffic for my main keyword swing trading strategies , that is not the only thing I was focused on: I’m was also looking  at hundreds of other keywords related to this main keyword, like: “forex swing trading strategies” “ swing trading systems”, “forex swing trading system”. It’s these types of related keywords/long tailed keywords that brought a lot of organic traffic to my website compared to my main keyword.

Google Planner tool keyword research

So when you check the monthly traffic: don’t just focus on the search traffic for the main keyword, check the other related keywords and their monthly traffic…and your overall traffic number will be lot larger.



Now, when I talk about competition here, I’m not referring to the “competition” that you see on the Google Keyword planner (GKP) tool.

That competition that you see in GKP tool reflects the number of advertisers bidding for that keyword…so this means that if there are lots of bidders, the competition will be high.

What I am really interested in is the “organic competition.” By that I mean those 10 websites that are ranking in Page 1 of Google. They are my competition.

These 10 websites in the first page of google, receive a lot more traffic than those in page 2 and beyond.

There’s a good reason why Google ranks those 10 websites in page 1. So how do I beat these 10 website in the first page of Google?

Here what you do:

  1. Go through each of the 10 websites in page 1 of Google and to see what kind of content they were providing. Is their content too short? Do they create new content regularly or not? Can you write better content than them?
  2. How many pages/posts have they got? If a website ranks on page 1 of google for a keyword that you are targeting and they have 100 post/pages, then you should really be looking at creating really good content that that exceeds the number of posts/pages they got.
  3. Look at their homepage…how many words are there? 2,000 words? Then write 5000 words for your homepage! Look at their inner posts and pages…are they linking back to the homepage and inner post and pages? What keywords are they using to build those internal links? Study and copy the ideas.
  4. Do they have twitter and facebook and google plus social engagement etc or not? If not, that’s good for you because you can beat them on that one and bring more traffic as well using social media.

When I built my site up, I wasn’t interested in analyzing my competitors back links because my game plan was“slowly but steady” with SEO based on my content strategy.

SEO takes time and I’m happy with that.

Now, after you analyze those first 10 websites in page 1 Google, you should have a fair idea of how you can build a site and what type of content you can create that will be a little bit better than what those first 10 websites have.



The purpose of doing a research on the MAIN or SEED keyword is also so that you can buy a domain name as well.

When it comes to buying domain names, these are the steps I follow:

  1. buy exact match domain (EMD) names with .com and I use godaddy.com to do that.
  2. If the exact match domain name is not available then I use dashes. For example, if “carinsurance.com” was taken, I will try “car-insurance.com”.
  3. If that is taken as well, I will think outside the box a bit and try things like “ carinsurance360.com”, “carinsurancehq.com”, “carinsurance123.com” or use adjectives in front of the main keyword  like “ bestcarinsurance.com” or “cheapcarinsurance.com” etc.
  4. If the exact match domain names are taken in the .com then I will also check if there’s exact match domain names for .org and .net available.

You get the idea?

The main thing here is I want the main keyword in the domain name.

I prefer to have my domain names end with a .com instead of .org or .net.

You may read articles about google penalizing EMD sites. But what Is it?

 “Exact Match Domain” — is a filter Google launched in September 2012 to prevent poor quality sites from ranking well simply because they had words that match search terms in their domain names. When a fresh EMD Update happens, sites that have improved their content may regain good rankings. New sites with poor content — or those previously missed by EMD — may get caught. In addition, “false positives” may get released.

If you buy an EMD, your job is to create good content and LOTS of it.

The  BIG reason for me personally, why I why I like using EMD is because it tells anyone what my website is about by just looking at the domain name.

So when I checked godaddy.com to see if the exact match domain (EMD) was available: swingtradingstrategies.com, YES! IT WAS AVAILABLE.

But there was one BIG problem: it is EXPENSIVE! (see below)

Godaddy Buying Domain Name

It was a premium domain name and premium domain names come with very high price tags… and I couldn’t afford that.

Next option: dashes…www.swing-trading-strategies.com

Yes, that was available so I bought it.

So now, I have my domain name already bought but where do I host it?



The next thing after buying a domain name is to get hosting for you domain name.

For my case, I already had my hosting account with http://www.justhost.com so all I did was just change the name servers in goodaddy.com panel to the names servers of my hosting account.

Now, if you are not too technical, do not worry about it. All these can be done by the website designer/programmer you hire to build you site up.

You may not hear about this hosting company but so far, my experience  justhost.com is a very good.



The quickest way to make money is online is to simply become a good copycat…Its not a joke.

Here’s what I mean, you need to  copy the ideas/strategies of successful sites you see that are already ranking in Page 1 of Google and use that to give you an idea of how to build your own site.

The reason why you do that is really simple: these websites that are ranking in Page1 of Google must be doing something right, so why not copy what they do (their ideas) and apply it to your own site that you are building?

And it doesn’t have to be in the same niche.

You can either use one site as your model or copy ideas of a few different sites.

For my case, I just copied the ideas of one popular site in the forex niche for my site: www.forex-strategies-revealed.com:

  • This website had hundreds of pages of unique content, trading educational material, explanations of trading methods and market analysis for traders of all levels. As a result of that, it was getting 40,000-50,000 visitors a month.
  • This website was making a lot of money from selling ad spot on the site and was making around $7,000-$8,000 per month back in 2008-2009 when I first discovered that site.
  • it also had adsense ads running it and it was dominating google page 1 to 10  positions for hundreds(if not thousands) of the most competitive  keywords in forex niche during that time  and  still does to this day…. but has fallen a bit due to some serious competition in that niche.

I remember I used to go to its “advertise with us” page and see its ad spots fully booked out for the whole year!

It blew my mind and I’m like “ How can companies pay insane amounts of money per month for a tiny ad space on a forex website?”

But that was not all, back in those early days, there were not many websites like that, and this website was the KING for “forex trading strategies” keyword and many hundreds of related keywords.

Here’ a screenshot from the advertising rates on that website as of September 2015 but back in 2008 when I first knew about this website, I checked and it was charging a lot more per month for each block than what you are seeing now below:

Advertising rates on website

These are the ad blocks on that site:

Advertising Blocks on website

What’s the point of me telling you this?

Because when you study and copy the ideas of successful sites and apply them to your own niche sites, you will definitely achieve some level of monetary success online.

Don’t build a site thinking you’ll be the next facebook, next google or next twitter etc…

I’m talking about niche sites here… where you find a niche where you see there’s opportunity and build a site in it and make money in the process.

Ok, so I thought to myself…

  • I can write what this site is writing about.
  •  I can copy their model, their structure but still have a unique way of presenting my ideas.
  • And I can still make the same amount of money they are making or if I don’t …at least I’ve tried. Aim for the stars and if you land on the moon, well, that’s ok.

So that’s how my initial idea was born about creating this site to rank in first page of google so that I can attract advertising revenue.

  • I never thought about adsense.
  • All I thought about was “advertising income” from selling ad spots. That’s it.

Did I achieve the primary aim why I built this site? Yes….but very small success.

Let me explain:

  • I made only $1,200 from selling Advertising space before I sold it. I did not land on the stars…
  • I was contacted by one online trading education company when they noticed that my website was ranking between page 1-10 of Google for many hundreds of keywords.
  • First they asked me to provide them with Google Analytics information so that they can see how much traffic was coming to my website each month, which I did.
  • Once they were happy with my traffic numbers, they sent the first payment and booked an adspace on my site for 6 months.
  • I was charging $100/month for that particular ad space on my site and they sent me US$600 upfront! Tell you what? I was pretty stoked!

This was the first paypal payment I got from them in Nov 4th 2014:

First Payment for An Adverting block on my adsense site

  • Then after 6 months, they decided to book for another 6 months due to the success they were having on advertising on my site. And this was the 2nd paypal payment I got from them in 2015:

Second Payment for An Adverting block on my adsense site

Here are a couple of important lessons I learnt about making money from selling adspace on my website:

  1. When my site started ranking for hundreds of keywords form page 1 of Google to page 10, I got a few enquiries from advertisers asking if they can advertise on my site and were asking what my rates where and asking to see what my monthly traffic numbers from Google Analytics Data. I did not chase advertisers to come and advertise on my site, they came to me because my website was ranking prominently and that got their attention. But only one managed to buy an adspot for a banner ad and that’s the one I showed you above.
  2. Having a lot of targeted traffic each month to my site was very important for generating online income from selling  ad space on my site.

You get this two things right in a highly competitive niche and you’d be making a lot more money from selling ad space than I ever did.

The person that bought my website www.swing-trading-strategies.com is not interested about using adsense.

He is using it as a traffic source to build his email list to his main website related to forex trading where he has products to promote to his email list and that’s where he is making a lot of money from.

As you can see below on the screen shot that he’s got 2 banner ads on (indicated by two red arrows) where once a visitor clicks, a page opens up where he gives his email address in exchange for this free (software)trading indicator:

Building Email List Using Banner Ads



Once I had the domain name bought and settled in the hosting account. Now was the time to design the website.

The platform I used was wordpress and I highly recommend it.

At first, it will seem really daunting to get your head around it but after a while, you’ll get the hang of it and its easy.

Back then, I really did not know much about designing website myself so did the fastest and easiest way to get a website design done.

  • I used freelancer to hire a website designer to design up my site.
  • freelancer.com is one of the worlds best platform for outsourcing any type of work you can imagine including designing websites to writing ebooks to creating graphics to creating software.
  • you can get your website design done much cheaply because you will have so many talented website designers and programmers bidding to do your website design for you.

What you do is open an account there and then Post what type of project you want done

The wordpress theme I used was Forsy. It’s a 3 column wordpress theme which you can download  here: https://newwpthemes.com/forsy-free-wordpress-theme/

The main issue I had with this theme was that it was not mobile friendly and I had to use a wordpress pluggin, WP Mobile Detect to make it mobile friendly: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-mobile-detect/

The cost of designing my website was US$130.

All you do is post create and account there and there is a 4 step process to post your project and you’ll get bids within minutes:

  1. State the work you require
  2. Give A Bit More details about that project
  3. State the budget you have in mind for that project
  4. Optional( Pay to get Featured , Urgent Listing as well as Use freelancers.com recruiter service (I  never use this 4th  option at all).

freelancer project creation dashboard

Right now I can build my own wordpress website within 30minutes to an hour from buying a domain name and setting up my domain name in the hosting account servers and then download wordpress, install the wordpress theme and the website is live…ready for content creation.

Back then, it was like rocket science!


This section  is huge as I’m going to cover a lot of stuff here.

What is On-Page SEO?  For me, it means:

  • Keyword research  and then writing content based around that keyword that involves titles tags, meta description, adding images and alt tags etc
  • Internal linking

A website that has just been designed is like a brand new house with no furniture in it.  You need to create content to fill it up.

Engaging content is what continues to brings traffic to a site and I will reveal the exact strategy how I have been able to rank for my main completive keyword I was targeting in Page 1 of Google and I have done this without any fancy software or any external backlinking.

You need proof?

Go to Google and type the main keyword I was trying so hard to rank “swing trading strategies” and check out what page its ranking at?

Last time I checked, that site was ranking on Google page#4 spot on Google page  1 in Australia & UK:

Google Page 1 Ranking for my main keyword

Dominating Google #1 &#2 spot on Page 1 for “forex swing trading strategies” keyword as shown below:

ranking on google for many different keywords

Dominating #3 spot on Google page 1 for “swing trading strategy” keyword as shown below:

ranking on google for many long tailed keywords

But here’s the thing, this was not an overnight success.

It took a while…in fact it took two years before I eventually ranked for the main keyword I was targeting for my site “swing trading strategies” and hundreds of other related keywords that I wasn’t purposely targeting.

I can add a lot more related keywords that this website is ranking for but you get the idea…

So what I’m going to reveal to you here in this section is MEGA important because this is what brings traffic to your site.

If you have just built a new site and struggling to drive organic traffic, I want you to read this section carefully and apply the strategies I’m going to show you here.



Website Content Writing Drives Organic Traffic

Who writes the content?

  • You can write it yourself
  • or you can outsource your website content writing needs

For my case, I had to do all the content writing myself because this was something I can do myself and it did not seem as hard work because I was passionate about the niche and the topics.

After work, I would come home and write content. Was I consistent in writing content?

Not really.

But in the first few months after I built the site, I had to write a lot of content and gradually over time, I added more content.

It was a natural progression in a sense for a guy who was doing this part time after work.

There would be some months were I would write nothing at all, then there would be months were I would write only 1 or 2 posts of content and that’s it.

Talk about being lazy? Talk about not having enough time? I had lots of that.

My strategy was really simple:

  • use Google planner tool
  • find low competition keywords related to my main keyword.
  • then write content around those low competition keyword.

Here are few things to note:

  • these low competition keywords must be able to from all or part  of the title of the post and therefore I can write content around it.
  • Note that the “competition” you see on google keyword planner tool is bid competition.  So the competition you see there does not reflect the real difficulty of ranking those keywords.

But here’s the thing I’ve discovered: when I’ve written posts targeting those low competition keywords, I’ve been able to rank a lot of them on page 1 of Google fairly quickly.

I really did not care about if the keyword had very low traffic volumes like 20 searches per month.  I will write a post targeting that keyword if that keyword can make a good article on my site.



My style of writing is “conversational”.

It’s more like me and you sitting face to face and talking. And I can’t pretend to be somebody else’s voice.

The most important thing is you got to write in a way that is nice and easy to read and whoever visitor that ends up on your site will enjoy it.

Don’t write for Google, write for people.

Put your personality in how you write.

What I write is how you will hear me talk to you face to face: write like you talk.

So what are the actual steps to writing content that gets ranked fast and drives traffic to your site quickly? Well, here they are…


For example  let me say that I want to write content for my home page and the main keyword in that page will be “swing trading strategies.” (I’m assuming here that you know what Google planner too is, otherwise check youtube)

google keyword planner tool


getting keyword ideas from google planner tool


arranging the keyword ideas from low competition to high competition


Here’s how to write content on your page or post:

Identifying suitable keywords in google keyword planner tool to use for content creation

That’s the strategy I used to write content on my site.



Google suggest is an auto complete function in Google Search box so when you start to type a keyword in the search field, you are automatically shown associated terms in a drop down menu.

For example, this is what happens when I type “swing”:

Google Suggest


If I type “swing trading” this is what I get:

Google Auto Suggest Tool

If I type “swing trading strategies” the auto suggest pulls up these:

Using Google Auto Suggest to Find Keywords

As you can see, this auto suggest tool also gives you a lot of keyword ideas that you can use within your content.



Every time your type a keyword and press enter and if you scroll down to the bottom of the search page, this is what you get for “swing trading strategies” keyword:

How to Use Searches Related To In Google

I will show you an example of fairly new site I’m currently building using the strategy I’m telling you here.

In July 2015 I started writing content for this new site which continued in August and September 2015 as well.

And as you can see, free organic traffic is coming to my brand new site within a month as shown below:

Free Organic Traffic From Google For My New Website

Shown below are examples of low competition keywords that drive traffic to my brand new site (sorry I’m not going to reveal the site but its still in the forex niche):

Long Tail Keywords that drives visitors to my new website

Now, who in his right mind would write a post targeting a long competition keyword that gets only 20 searches in Google per month for the specific keyword?

Call me crazy but that would be me….


Because I want to rank fast and bring traffic to my site.  That’s why.

In addition to that, from my experience, this is what I’ve also discovered:

  • For example, a certain low competition keyword can have only 20 searches per month (very low volume) and if you rank for that keyword in POSITION 1 ON PAGE 1 of Google, you won’t necessarily get all that traffic. You may get 5 visitors during the month for that keyword as an example. Now, let’s say you have 200 posts and targeting such low volume low competition keywords like that. 200 post x 5 visitors per month=1000 visitors  to your website…but there’s one more thing:
  • People can type different variations of that low volume low competition keyword in a lot of different ways and let’s assume that your 200 posts will still rank for those keywords on page one for those keywords. Now that’s extra website traffic you never anticipate but you get ranked for those as well which drive more traffic to your site.

Here’s another  example:

Using Different Keyword Variations

So with the keyword “forex trading strategies price action”, I can create a post title and make sure that:

  • I have the keyword in the Title like 5 Forex Trading Strategies Price Action Based
  • I make sure that the keyword is in the url like this: www.yoursite.com/5 Forex Trading Strategies Price Action Based
  • I also make sure that in the meta description, I must have that keyword in it as well as its variation and may write something like this: Here Are 5 Amazing Forex Trading Strategies Price Action Based That Will Blow Your Mind. These forex price action trading strategies are amazing. Click Here To Learn More!

How many words are required in a content?  If you can write up to 1000 words or more the better it is for you to rank not just for the keyword you are targeting but lots of long tailed keywords in that article.

Some low volume low competition keywords can rank in google page 1 position 1 with just a few hundred words if there’s not a lot of sites writing about that keyword and if those content in other sites are thin, you can rank very quickly for such keywords.

Others will require that that you write more. At a minimum, at least have 500 words carefully written around your main keyword.



This is a general sketch of what my internal linking looks like:

My Internal Backlink Strategy

To understand the diagram above, note the following:

  • My homepage content was written targeting the main keyword which is “swing trading strategies”.
  • My posts were written targeting low competition keywords that are related somewhat to the main keyword on my homepage.

So here’s how my internal linking works:

  • Green arrows represent links from home page to posts.

The anchor text must be the keyword I’m trying to rank for in that post or the subject of the post.

  • The rose colored arrows represent 2 links from the posts pointing back to my home page.

One of the anchor text can be the main keyword I’m targeting in my homepage and the 2nd anchor text will be the variation of the main keyword or both anchor texts can be different variations of the main keyword I’m targeting on my homepage.

This is to make everything looks natural instead of having all the post with the main keyword as the anchor text pointing back to the home page.

  • The black arrows represent 2 links going out from a post to 2 other posts.

Each post should have at least a minimum of 2 links pointing (can be more than 2, it really does not matter) out to other posts on my site. The anchor text in each of these two links must be the title of the post or the keyword that I’m trying to rank for in those two posts.

So as you can see, what I’m trying to do here is:

pass on link juice from my home page to my posts:

Passing on Link Juice

  • also pass on link juice from my post back to the home page with the main keyword or its variations:

Passing on link juice from post back to homepage with the main keyword

  • And pass on link juice from a post to other posts in the site:

Link from post to other posts within the site

So, this internal link strategy I used is like a closed loop system.

I’m not claiming that this is the best internal link building strategy to use.  This is what I’ve done for this site and I have been able to rank the “swing trading strategies” keyword on first page of Google even though it’s was a very tough keyword to crack.



Briefly here, these are some basic SEO check lists that you need to be doing on your site.

1: Make sure content is unique, high quality, engaging

And ideally should be more than 500 words in length. The more words you have the better your chances are of ranking of many different keywords in your article.


2: Meta Title Tag  And Meta Description Must Include The Keyword  in Them.

If you don’t know what the difference between Meta Title and Meta description, this will help you understand why they are important:

the difference between meta title and meta description

The most important on-page SEO factors are your Meta title tags, so make sure that you write your keyword in there.

I always try to add my keyword to the beginning of the title tag as I’ve read from many sources that say that it adds more SEO weight.

Include Your Keyword and Its Variation In The meta description. One important factor that gets users to click-through from search engines results page is meta description.

Make sure you use the main keyword you are targeting  in the meta description and also its variation if you can. Do not overstuff keywords here, be natural as possible.

3: Make sure that any images that are used are relevant to the content

And the file name must be the same as the keyword you want to rank for in that post or page:

Use Images that are relevant and name the image as the keyword or variation of it

4: Use your keyword in the first paragraph and last paragraph.

I make sure to add the keyword I’m targeting in my post or page keyword in the first paragraph and bold it:

use target keyword in first paragraph

It tells Google what the post is going to be about.

Then I also see if I can include that keyword on the last paragraph and I either underline it or italicize it.


5. Subheadings for on-page SEO

Any subheading I create, I try to include the main keyword IF I can. The important thing here is to make it natural.

But with Subheadings, I’m not really too fussy about including the main keyword or its variation as long as I know I have the keywords and related keywords(variations) included throughout my content.

6. Linking To Authority Sites

 This is one thing I really did not do much on my site but if you do have the chance, try to link to authority sites.

The logic for this is simple…

Google is all about providing relevant information that someone is looking for and if you have links pointing out from your post or page going to authority sites, Google sees that you are also trying to provide relevant information to visitors on your site and your ranking in organic search can increase as a result of doing this.

Were all my posts and pages that I created on my site follow EXACTLY this SEO checklist?

The answer is: no.

There are some posts on my site that do not follow this checklist. There are some posts on that site that I wrote with no proper keyword research because that’s was something I wanted to write about.

But I made sure that most of the content I write followed what I’ve shown here.



Apart from SEO which I’ve covered in step 5, the following can bring traffic to your website:

  • Social channels (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Paid traffic (Google adwords, facebook ads, twitter ads, Bing ads etc)
  • Your Email List

I don’t use any paid traffic to get visitors to my sites.

My way is the SEO way.

You may not see the benefits of SEO immediately but over time, you will reap the benefits.

Paid traffic is quick traffic but you need money to do that and not many of you can afford to continue to buy traffic from facebook or google.

It  definitely has it merits when done  right but you can also lose a lot of money on paid traffic and not make a penny.



I created a facebook fan page where every post I made, I also posted on that facebook page as well.

How I used Facebook to drive visitors to my website

I also made sure that I had a facebook widget on the right hand side column of the site giving visitors the chance to like my facebook page as well as shown below:

Facebook Widget on my website

My fans grew very slowly at first and I thought I was wasting my time on facebook…

But I kept posting. Every time I created a new post on my site, I would also post it on my facebook page as well.

And my fans started to increase and when fans increase in facebook, that means free traffic back to your site

Here’s an example:

This below is a post below on facebook with a link pointing back to my website.

You see, this post on facebook has reached 414 people and resulted in clicks back to my website. That’s FREE traffic.

Posting on My Facebook Page to drive visitors to my website

Notice above the “View Insights” button? Well, if you click that, this is what you get:

Using Facebook Insights to find out how many visitors clicked to visit website

For my case, it took a while to grow my facebook fans to more than 2000 fans without any paid promotion etc…

And when these fans click the links back to your site, that’s free traffic right there.

So here’s what I learnt about facebook traffic:

  • If you have a facebook page created and you don’t seem to be making any progress in the beginning, do not back off with posting on your facebook page.  It took time to grow my fans.
  • The key is to Keep providing quality content on your website that visitors will like and became fans on your facebook page.

If you think you can come up with a faster way to build a facebook fan base, do it. But do not buy facebook fans. That’s a no-no.

I’m only sharing my experience here and I cannot tell you what I do not experience, fair enough?



The performance on my twitter page was dismal. I never got many followers like I had fans in facebook.

Maybe I was not doing it the right way, I don’t know. That’s something I still have to work on an figure out how I can get more engagement out of twitter.

SoI pretty much stopped promoting my website content on twitter and stuck with facebook instead.

If something works better than the other, stick to it and ramp up your efforts and energy on what works best.

One way I’ve been able to drive traffic to my site was to build and email list and this next section below, I will show you what I did.



Now, another thing I should have done in the early beginning was build and email list but I was so freaking lazy and all the excuses under the sun lined up…and did not do it until like 6 months before I sold the website.

To put the timeframe in perspective, that’s 2.5 years later…

By the time I sold the website I had about 1800 opt in subscribers in my list.

The advantage of having an email list is:

  • YOU CONTROL THE TRAFFICE. Google and Facebook can ban  you from advertising. But YOU DON’T NEED THEM if  you have your email list. You don’t need google or other search engines to bring traffic to your site because you now own the traffic
  • you can make money off your list when you promote something relevant to what they are interested in.

Now with my email list, I never promoted anything to them so I really did not monetize this list at all.

But what I did was every time I published a post on my site, I would email my list the check out my post.

So that means within a few minutes of emailing my list, I would start to get 50-100 of people visiting my site to read the post.

And here’s the thing I noticed:

  • there was one month where I published a lot of posts compared to the other previous months and after publishing the post, I email my list to check it out.
  • That month ended up having the highest adsense earnings.
  • The next month after that,  I only did a few posts…guess what the adsense earnings were?  A lot lower than that previous month.

So the reasonable conclusion can be drawn that those I emailed, after having read the post, clicked on the adsense ads that were on my site. That’s why the increase in adsense earnings.

So what strategies did I used to build my email list?

I offered something for free in exchange for a visitors name and email address. This free stuff was an ebook I wrote myself.

So here’s how I did it:

Using Popup to build email list

A popup box was designed to “pop up” after just a few seconds when a visitor came to the website. This was my  popup box:

  • Next thing I also did was to place an opt-in box on the right hand side column of the website so  people can see it and opt-in. See below:

Place an opt in form on the right hand side of my website to collect visitor emails

Don’t stress out thinking how you are going to do a pop up box and how do you design a opt-in box on the side of the website and how you are going to setup your email list with getresponse or aweber etc…

All these technical stuff can be done by website designers/programmers and do not cost much at all. Anywhere from $50-$100 on www.freelancer.com

Remember, if you want something done fast, then  Hire somebody smarter than you!


 When it comes to building external back links, I took a different approach and it works. It is not a quick strategy to get backlinks quickly but over time, you will accumulate relevant backlinks you need to rank well for your site.

Here’s the 2 strategies I use:

  • write amazing content which provide amazing value and people will naturally share it on other sites.
  • ask visitors to share your content by proving social sharing buttons which in turn encourages more visitors and then they in turn will start to post links of your site in other related sites

When you do that, sooner or later visitors are bound to share your sites content to other related sites telling others there “ Hey, go over there and check this  website out”.

That has been my strategy for www.swing-trading-strategies.com and here’s a screen capture from Ahrefs showing the number of backlinks I got as a result of this strategy and this will only continue to increase for the new owner who bought my site if he can continue to create more content:

How I Got Free Backlinks for my website


If you don’t ask you will not receive.  Here’s the thing I see many sites fail to do:

They may have great content and have social sharing buttons enable on site but they are not reminding the visitor at the end of the post to share the content they just read.

Remember, most people are kind and if they believe your content is really good, they would be more than happy to share it.

But if there’s no reminder at the end of the post to share it, the chances are they will forget and leave your site without doing anything.

You must ask them to take a specific action after they finish reading your post.

If you go to swing-trading-strategies.com and check it out, at the end of each post, I’m asking the visitors to share my content.

Here are few examples on my site and first up is the home page of swing-trading-strategies.com:

How to Get Free Backlinks

And here’s another post on my site:

simple strategy for getting free backlinks

Here’s another post:

My secret to getting free backlinks

So what does social sharing have to do with building external backlinks?

A lot…I believe.

Here’s the logic behind what I do:

  • If I remind people to share my content, they will share and this brings more traffic to my site.
  • If more traffic comes to my site, then the chances are my website will start getting external backlinks from sites that are relevant to mine as some of these visitors will be members of other forums/websites that are relevant to mine and they have the permission to post my website links on those forums/websites.

And that’s how I have been able to get external backlinks from relevant sites for free by creating good content that my visitors like and then also asking visitors to share by enabling social sharing buttons on my site.



What kind of monetization strategies did I use to make money off the site?  I used the following:

  • Adsense
  • From selling Adspot
  • Affiliate banner ads/links
  • Selling my own digital  product (ebook) on the “thankyou” page


After a year or so, the number of visitors to my website gradually started to increase so I created an adsense code and added it to my website.

How much did I earn initially?

You’d be surprised…you may even laugh!

I remember the first time when I got $0.01 cents  from adsense one day. That was the earnings for that day-24hr period.

That earning was not from clicks but from impressions.

I was like “Really, I got paid $0.01 cents?” I could not believe it.

Everyday, I would watch my adsense earnings like a hawk and I would boast to my wife saying such things like: “ Guess how much I made today, darl?”

And she would go “$1?” and I would say “Nope…$0.06”

That was 6 cents but I was in heaven for earning 6 cents for the day.

You will understand this if have experience in building your first adsense site.

It was an exciting time because even it was just 0.01 cent or 6 cents, the most important realization to me was I was making money daily even though it was in just cents.

But something amazing happened…gradually those cents became a few dollars a day in earnings!
So the earnings were low in the first year and gradually increased in the 2nd year and on the third year, I was earning on average $130 per month in adsense.



I mentioned this previously, I got paid a total of $1200 to put a banner ad on my site for a year. That’s all I ever got from selling adspot on my site.



I also created a lead magnet, which was free course (ebook) and when visitors entered their name and email address to download the ebook, instead of going straight to the download link, it took then to another page on my site where I promoted my ebook product.

I’m not sure how much money I made using this strategy because I have not been able to track it as I didn’t know how.

In addition to that that I wrote a review on this site promoting my ebook as well:


Selling My Own Ebook and Writing A Review on my website to get in ranked Google Page 1


I did manage promote a few affiliate products on the site initially but the results are bit embarrassing as you can see below.

I got $200 as a referral affiliate commission from a forex broker in 2014:

My Affiliate Marketing Attempt and Income I Got

I made some affiliate commissions on clickbank but clickbank stole it all back and I wrote a post (How Clickbank Stole My Affiliate Payment)on my site explaining why this happened:

Clickbank Affiliate Income

I saw that promoting affiliate products wasn’t really making good money so I removed all affiliate banners from my site.

Maybe my strategy was wrong. Maybe I need a lot more traffic to actually make good money as an affiliate. Maybe I needed to build and email list.

I really don’t know and cannot tell you what I should have done better and besides, I’m not an affiliate marketing guru. What I’m telling is exactly what happened to me.



When my site started ranking for some of the high competition keywords in forex trading niche, I started to get emails from advertisers to see if they can advertise their services on my site with banners.

But only one came through and they paid me $100 a month for 1 full year until I sold the website.

What they did was pay in advance for 6 months. So I had $600 cash paid in advance to may paypal account and then the next $600 came after 6 months so for that year, I had $1,200 in cash.

My site was ranking for keywords that this company wanted their sites to rank for but their sites where nowhere near what my website was in terms of ranking.

So they asked for my traffic numbers per month which I gave them and once they saw that, they were happy to pay me that amount of money for advertising spot on my website.

Now when I come to think of it, If I created a site strictly for adsense, I wouldn’t do that again


Because  any banner ads from advertiser is a  distraction for visitors who go to my site.

When a visitor clicks that banner ad, he leaves my site instead of staying on and going through a few more posts/pages so there’s a big chance of that visitor clicking an adsense ads on site.

My adsense earnings (maybe) could have been much higher without that advisement because it was occupying a  prominent spot above the fold on my website.



I had 3 adsense ads placed on my site:

  • 2 responsive ads, one was placed on the top, at least after the first paragraph and the second one was placed on the bottom, at the end of the post.
  • Then I had the 300×600 large sckscrapper add placed on the top right hand site column

See below:

Adsense Ad Types I used for my website

And the 2nd responsive ad was placed on the bottom of the post/page as shown below:

Responsive Adsense Ad Placed on the bottom of the post

The free wordpress plugin I used to a help me place all the adsense ads in these 3 locations was Ad Injection. You can get I here:




If you are new to adsense and never know how to create adsense codes to paste on your site, here’ are the steps:

  1.    You need to create an adsense account http://www.google.com/adsense/start/
  2.    Once you login, click “My Ads” then click “New ad unit

How To Generate Adsense Ad Codes

3.    Then give a name to the Ad unit you want to create, select  “Recommended” and make your selection, and for add type, its best to enable “Text and display ads” and then click “Save and get code.”

How To Generate Adsense Codes for your site

4.    When you click “save and get code” this window pops up with the adsense code which you then paste in your website and this creates those adsense ads on your site:

Adsense Code for my site


3 years later after I built the website, I  decided that It was time to move on to the next project as I  wanted to focus on building other  websites so I listed it on flippa.com and  I was lucky on the  2nd attempt….

Let me explain.

Initially I listed it for sale 7 months earlier but never got a sale.

Here’s why:

  • I set my reserve price too high
  • I was new with the flippa selling platform so I missed putting some important website data  like “verified adsense” & “verified analytics”.
  • I don’t know how but somehow flippa info said my site was just 2 months old but in fact it was more than 2 years old.  Note: legitimate buyers don’t really like buying new websites…they like to buy old established websites that have good traffic and income history.
  • I don’t think my sales pitch was good enough.
  • and the website was not making enough money back than in terms of adsense revenues.  It was only making $40-$50 adsense earnings pear month.
  • I did not pump up my flippa listing by buying a “featured listing” spot to have more eyeballs see my site for sale.

I did MOST THINGS wrong on this first listing… and here’s the result: The highest bid I got was $11 and my listing ended unsold.

It was disappointing.

Anyway, that was a good learning experience.

So when the sale didn’t go through, I said to myself, I’ve got add more value to this site and I did that by:

  • building an email list so I can control traffic and this increases my number of visitors I get per month.
  • increase my adsense earnings by writing more content to get ranked more many different keywords.
  • Increase my social engagement to drive more traffic. I stopped using twitter altogether as I wasn’t getting much traffic but facebook traffic picked up when I engaged more in posting content on my facebook page as well.


7  months later, I listed it again on flippa. This time, it was something different  and I did this 7 things:

  1. I made sure all the relevant information was written correctly before I pressed submit button to list my site for sale in flippa:

Selling Website On Flippa2

2.    I made sure I increased Adsense Earnings to $140 per month compared to $40-$50 per month 7 months ago (increase value)

3.     Instead of selling it alone, I bundled it with another website that was making money as well. So the total monthly average earnings for both websites were $380 per month:

Bundling my two websites to sell in flippa

4.     I had built up an email list of 1800 subscribers over a period of 6 months.(I created value)

Informaiton to Include In Flippa Website Sale Includes My Email list size

5.     I increased my facebook page fans from 0- to more than 2500 as well.(created value)

Facebook Fans Page was included in the flippa sale

6.     Website Traffic increased (increased value)

7.    Bought a “featured listing” which means  that my website was shown on the homepage of flippa which means more eyeballs that can see my site for sale.

Using The flippa Featured Listing enable more eyeballs to see my website listing

8.     Attach many supporting documentation as possible

Make sure you attach much supporting documentation with you listing. The most important ones are:

  • Traffic details
  • Types of Revenues and their details

Include as much website information including revenue and profit when you sell a website on flippa

What was this other website where I bundled it together for this sale? Well, this was my first website where I wrote a report of it called: How I Wrote A $9,233 Ebook (And How You Can Too)

So think about it…what have I done differently on this 2nd time around?

I created a lot more  value with all the things I did and did everything right ( I believe).

If you were a buyer, would you walk away from such an opportunity if you have the money? I don’t think so.



Because I did all the things right in this 2nd time around, I immediately started getting lots of eyeballs to my listing as well as lot of interest as well as questions from interested potential buyers like these (make sure you answer them all and provide as much clarity and information as possible):

Potential flippa buyers asking questions about my site

It wasn’t long before I started to get some bids:

bidding starts in flippa for my website

I also got an interest from a “SUPERBUYER” who started to communicate privately with me:

communication with a flippa superbuyer

Communicating with the flippa superbuyer

In my mind I wanted $5,000 for this so when this super buyer asked if I had a buy it now (BIN), I just told him.

Guess what happened later? Yeah…you got that right. SOLD! To the super buyer! Sweet!

How long did it take from Listing to getting it sold? Less than a week.

Sold My Website For $5000

Some additional points to consider:

  • I’ve seen a few cases of sellers deleting questions asked by potential buyers. I’m pretty suspicious of sellers like that because “only if you have something to hide then you will delete a question.” If I’m looking for a site to buy in flippa.com and I see a buyer deleting comments, this immediately raises some red flags for me.
  • All questions should be answered truthfully regardless of what it is.
  • Be prompt in replying questions and don’t leave questions unanswered for a long time.



Once my website got sold, I needed to transfer the website over to the buyer. There’s two ways to do that:

I did not know how to transfer website  because it was a little bit too difficult for me to understand the process so I thought that I would hire someone to do the website transfer process for me.

Fortunately for me, the buyer had his own website developer so I just gave him all the information they need to transfer the website over without spending a single dollar on my part.



  • Going through the process of selling a site on flippa.com has validated my perception that website flipping as a business model is viable and worth pursuing.
  • If you are new and just starting up and running, don’t let this guide limit you. But most important of all, always create the best engaging content on your site because engaging content is what drives more visitors and more visitors means more chances of visitors clicking on your adsense ads so you can make money.
  • I’m always testing and you should do the same. I do not know everything there is to know about creating successful adsense sites. I don’t think anybody does so that means everyone has to test and continually try new things to see if it works or not. You can even spend hundreds of hours on something new that won’t work…so expect that!
  • But for what works, ramp up your efforts on it and rinse and repeat if you can.
  • Getting $5,000 from selling a site may not be much to you but don’t forget, it’s the experience and the knowledge I gained from it that really matters. These experiences I gained from making money online are really priceless, believe me.   Nothing beats experience…whether good or bad. And experience only comes from taking the first step and doing it and not just dreaming about it.

Don’t get me wrong…

I’m not a guru/make money online expert. I’m just an ordinary bloke who still works on my day job and do this online marketing thing pretty much part time.

Even this information you are reading right now, I did it on my time off from work so maybe you can learn something from it.

Now, what you’ve read here is my first experience of a successful sale on flippa.com and to be quite honest…I never thought I’d get paid $5,000 for my website.

I was like…”Let me see If I can get $5,000 for my website.”

 And I got it. If you think I was surprised, you are totally wrong…


Who in his right mind would pay  $5,000 for a website that makes $150-$200 per month on an adsense website?  That’s like 33 times the monthly earnings!

Somebody did!

That’s what happens when you take action and build sites that get traffic and make money off that traffic.

From this experience, this is what I’ve found :

  • Buyers are interested in websites that have organic traffic that are steady or increasing or with potential to increase traffic in the future.
  • Buyers are interested to see if a website has revenue that are either steady or increasing or with a lot of potential to increase in the future
  • Buyers are interested in long established sites with “authority”.

In addition to that:

  • Create additional value by creating email lists, facebook fans, twitter followers etc…
  • Smart buyers are also looking also for websites that have a lot or potential for growth maybe due to the fact the owner may not have concentrated too much on improving it to see its true potential. My site was like that, lots of untapped potential that I didn’t use.









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