Google Adsense Income Report July 2015

Google Adsense Report July 2015

Hello Guys and Girls,

this is  report about my Google adsense income for July 2015.

I have begun creating two different niche sites starting on June 2015.



The first niche is in the forex trading niche and I have currently more than 70 posts of content so far and I plan to continue adding more content.

With the second website, I have hardly begun anything except a few post of content and my initial Idea on it is like a viral news/videos site similar to viralnova or buzzfeed but with a different twist: to actually write content with SEO in mind so that these post or pages created will continue to rank organically.

There are 2 main  problems I see with viral sites like and these are:

  1. they depend a lot on clickbait headlines to make people click and then get viral social sharing to get more visitors to share their stories. And right now, its working for them but once a post is created, it really has no SEO benefit  because each post is a very thinly written post with images and or video.
  2. The next biggest problems is this: they need to CONTINUE  create a lots of content…LOTS OF IT to keep people coming for more simply because they have no SEO benefit and its hardly those posts will rank well in google!

What I aim to do with my 2nd site is learn from the model of viral sites but then write really good content around with clickbait headlines.


Well, clickbait headlines arouse curiosity and gets more clicks and then the next things my content for each post will be at last more than 400 words and make sure that the  content is quality so even years down the line, my posts will rank organically on search engines line Google, Bing or Yahoo.

That to me is a long term model that can be sustained and that I how I will build this site.



The traffic numbers for July are only from the forex niche site as I really don’t have much content on my second site yet.

Here was my traffic for the month of July:

Website Traffic For July 2015

What were the Traffic Sources? Here’s the data provided by Google Analytics:

Website Visitor Traffic Channels

Now, don’t be deceived by the “referral” traffic. That’s referral spam traffic. Since this is a fairly new site, there’s no organic and social traffic yet.

Next month in August 2015, there’s definitely going to be some statistics on website visitor traffic from these two channels.





Adsense Earnings Income Report July 2015



I am doing my own content writing for my two websites. And to be quite honest, writing quality content is not easy as you’ve really got to think about how well you are going to present the content to the visitor who reads it.

In addition to that, sometimes you really got to self-motivate to actually get off your bum to do the content writing work.

The fact that content writing can be outsourced is an option I have not fully explored yet. If I do and If I have success or failures with such alternative, then I’m pretty sure that would be the subject of later posts.

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