How To Get Google Page 1 Ranking For High Competition Keywords With Zero Backlinks

How would you like google page 1 ranking for your main keyword you are targeting on your blog or website?

In this post, I will share with you how my blog is ranking in page 2 (on the 17th spot)  for a very highly competitive keyword and I believe it won’t take long to reach page 1.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

google page 1 ranking

And I did all that without any link building efforts at all.

Once my blog reach reaches page 1 for my main keyword, I’m not going to be happy with that, I’m going to push it to the #1 spot on Google page 1.

The monthly search traffic for this keyword is 2,400.


The Importance Of Google Page 1 Ranking

I’f you own a website or a handful of websites and if your aim is about making money on the internet then without doubt, being in page 1 of google is a dream position to be in.

In here I will tell you the exact process or steps I use to get rank in google page 1 with some of the toughest and highly competitive keyword in the forex niche which I build my website on…and I must warn you though, it took a bit of hard work and effort to do that and I did alone.

To safeguard my website, I will not reveal the domain name here…but I will list the steps how I got there.



Seriously, when I was building up my website and checking google analytics and seeing only 1 or 2 visitors a day and some days even none at all left me deflated.

The real problem when you want to make money online is not building websites, the real problem is bringing traffic to your website…paying traffic.

I remember the first website I built and flipped and  I spent a lot more time worrying about how to make my website look pretty when I should have been more focused on content creation.

And heck, I was so desperate that I kept searching for seo services on the web.

I requested for some quotes from a few of the seo service providers and the quotes they gave me was too expensive for me.

And there were also those seo service providers that charged say $297 per month until website ranks for some of the keywords that you were targeting.

I couldn’t afford that either.

Then I looked for “cheap seo service” and guess where the search results led me to? Warrior forum.

Well, I ended buying an seo service for my website with a guaranteed page 1 ranking of 5 keywords that I chose. What they did was churn out 400-500 word articles related to my niche, spun it and posted them on their private blog networks.

Slowly, my main keyword was ranking…started appearing around page 10 of google, then crept up to page 5 and page 3.

That was far as it go to. Then one day, I checked google expecting to see if my website was around page 3 for that specific keyword and I could not even find it there and even on page 10.

Guess what happened?

Google Rolled Out Its Panda…that’s what happened.



  • Pay For SEO services that had sales pitches like “Guaranteed Google Page 1 SEO Service”
  • Pay for Cheap Banklink Services In and all the stuff like forum comments and postings.

From that experience of losing my google rankings on the first website, I have never bothered to look and pay for SEO services at all.

I taught myself the basics of on page seo and the main part of that really is about writing really good content that your visitors will love and keep coming back from more.

My current blog site traffic has increased as a result of that. I’m going to hit the 40,000 visitors a month to my blog in August:

google page 1 ranking means website visitors increase

So How Long Did It Take Me To Get There?

It took me 8 months to reach google page 2 rankings. How long will it take me to reach google page 1 ranking now that I’m on page 2?

I don’t know.

It may happen sooner or it can take a while.

I’m not getting as much traffic from the main keyword even though it is ranking in page 2.

The large chunk of my organic traffic from google is coming from long tailed keywords. That’s what is getting me more than 30,000 visitors a month to my blog.


What Did I Do To Reach Google Page 2 Rankings

Step 1: Wrote a lot of content.

At the moment of this writing, I have 270 post plus 5 or 6 pages of content.

I don’t like writing 200-300 word posts. If there are topic I want to write about, I make sure I cover it a much as possible from all angles. I’m aim to have 1,000 to 2,500 plus words on each post/page I create.

There are some post that I wrote that are more than 5000 words. One is even 16,000 words.

Guess what?

The 16,000 word post (which is a free course by the way) is pulling in more than 1,100 visitors a month from a lot of long tailed keywords google is ranking on page 1 for that post.

Here’s the problem: if you are not passionate about a niche, writing content for your blog or site will become a tiresome work after a few weeks. Believe me.

This niche I’m on is a niche where I’m passionate about which means I also have a very good deep understanding and knowledge about and I can write a lot and it does not seem like work for me.

Step 2: Built A Lot Internal Link Building

The purpose of internal link building on my blog is two fold”

  • tell google about what a page of post on my site is about.
  • allows visitors to click and check out other pages/post on my site thus increasing the average time spent on my site.

So what I do I is really simple: every post I write, I make sure I link back to the home page with with the main keyword or its variation.

For example, for this post you are reading right now, I want to rank it for this keyword “google page 1 ranking.”

So what I do I type that keyword into google search results and down on the very bottom of the search page, you’ll see this” searches related to google page 1 ranking.”

What I do is see if there are any keywords or variation of it that can mean the same thing as the main keyword I’m targeting.

Then every time I create another new post, I make sure I use these variations of the main keyword as well as the main keyword itself as links back to the page or post where I’m targeting the main keyword.

In this case it would keywords like:

  • how to rank in google page 1
  • rank in google first page
  • how to get to the first page of google
  • etc

If the main keyword is very competitive, you won’t get as much visitors in  the beginning but over time, you’ll start getting a lot more visitors as that page/post starts to rank for that main keyword and creeps up to the google page 1 position.

But what you will get is a lot of traffic from long tailed keywords that you never really targeted in the first place because your content is long and in the process of writing it out, you were including keywords that you never really thought that existed but now you will see visitors landing on your site for such keywords.

That is the beauty of writing longer posts.

Step 3: Promoted My Content Through Email, Twitter, Facebook

After publishing my content, I also make sure that most of the best contents of my site are promoted through my email list, twitter and facebook.

I do this to keep visitors coming back to my blog.

The more a visitor comes back to my site, the better it is for me.



  • you repeat visitor i snow your number 1 fan. Now he remembers my website name and if anytime down the line, if an opportunity presents itself, he’ll be able to tell others about my website because my site is useful to him. My repeat visitors build the backlinks for me…I do nothing…all I do is provide top notch useful information to help them and that information is free and written in a way that is fun and lively. That’s how my visitors build backlinks for me with ZERO effort on my part.
  • the more repeat visitors I have, it simply tells google that my website must be relevant for the whatever niche topic I am writing about because now google realizes that they are spending a lot more time on my site, by bounce rate decreased. That should be a good sign in the eyes of google and from what I’ve seen, you’ll start getting better rankings in google when that starts to happen.


  • Images are optimized for the main keyword. If more than 1 images are included in the post, I use the variation of main keyword including long tailed versions.
  • I make sure that the main keyword I’m targeting is in bold and is at the start of the sentence in the first paragraph. If I am unable to do that, I will include somewhere in the middle of the sentence in the first paragraph. In that way, it implies to google that that what post or page I’m writing about is based on this keyword/topic.
  • at the end of each post, I ask visitors to share, link, tweet etc. “Ask and Ye Shall Receive.” It works. When they tweet, share in facebook, they bring me more visitors that never knew about my blog previously.
  • keyword density: I’m not too fussy about keyword density because I use Yoast SEO wordpress plugin and it simply tell me if I’m too low and then I fix it by including some more keywords inside my post to bring up the keyword density to a reasonable level (green).

Summary: SEO Is Hard Work But…

Whoever tells you that search engine optimization is easy is either building sites in very low competition niches and getting google first page rankings or is in la-la land.

I’m no seo guru but I have been able to rank my site in the touch forex niche for some thousands of high competition keywords and I’ve knocked many of other forex sites that have been sitting in google page 1-10 for years and have taken over their spot.

SEO is a ruthless business: You are competing with other websites and you are also competing with those paid advertisers on google (who are on google page 1 because they page google).

On the short term, you will not see results. Search engine optimization and getting google page 1 rankings takes time. For me it has taken 8 months to reach google page 2 rankings.

My site is has been sitting there steadily for some weeks now as I’m writing this. I don’t know when it will reach google page 1 but reaching google page 1 does not mean an instant flood of website traffic.

The ideal locations are positions 1,2 and 3 in google page 1.

I’d be over the moon when I reach those prime ranking spots in Google page 1.