How To Increase Adsense Earnings By 184% (REAL CASE STUDY)

How to increase adsense earnings? Believe, this is a question that everyone who has an adsense site really wants an answer for.

Now, this post is not a post about 100 Ways to Increase your adsense earnings or 21 tips to increase your adesense earnings.


This post is about my story. It is about how I was able to increase my adsense earnings by by 184%. And I will show you how I did that in this post.


You see, I never thought building an email list would increase my monthly adsense income but it did.

How I discovered it was simply by accident. I’ve been putting on hold email list building for a very long time.

When I finally began to build an email list, it was like 2 years later after I built that site.

The worst thing about starting so late was the fact that so many, in fact thousands of visitors came to my website and left and I never had a chance to collect their email addresses

Why?…Because there was nothing on my website to collect email addresses.

In this report I share with you:

  • my monthly adsense income before before I built and email list and how my adsense income increased when I built up my  email list .
  • what type of adsense ads I used on my site
  • where I placed those adsense ads on my site
  • the benefit of building an email list for your adsense website

What you are going to read here is a website I built and later monetized it with adsense. I no longer own this site anymore.


Because I sold my website for $5,000 on

After testing and trying out different things on how to increase my adsense earnings, I eventually  did something thing that increased my adsense earnings by 184% in 2015 compared to the previous year 2014.



Ok, just to be clear on what I’m sharing with you here, there are some things you need to understand:

  • I do not guarantee or suggest you may enjoy similar success based on my adsense case study.
  • There are many variables involved in starting and running an adsense website; many of which are beyond the control of this report.
  • This report is true according based on my experience and therefore it may not necessarily work for you.
  • The fact that an organization or website is referred to in this post as a citation and/or a potential source of further information does not mean that I  endorses the information the organization or website may provide or recommendations it may make.
  • Further, you should be aware that Internet websites listed in this work may have changed or disappeared between when this work was written and when it is read.
  • This report may includes links to third party websites. Assume these links are affiliate links which means I may receive a commission in the event you take a particular action such as making a purchase through a link on my site.

Fair enough? Ok, lets get into the case study, shall we?



Here are my adsense earnings From Jan-July 2015:


Adsense Income 1


Adsense Income 2

Mar: (Notice the Adsense Earnings Increase here?)

Adsense Income 3

Apr: (Oh, another increase!)

Adsense Income 4

May: (Oh, again…another adsense income increase!)

Adsense Income 5

Jun: (Oh, another one!)

Adsense Income 6

Jul: (Oh…what happened here? I sold my website on 20th July 2015, that’s why the earnings were down, also on this month, I emailed my list only once).

Adsense Income 7

My total lifetime adsense earnings made from that website before I sold it is shown below:

Total Adsense Income Generated By My Website


This was a website I built was in the forex niche…or rather a sub-niche of forex trading in late 2011.

I only placed adsense codes on the site somewhere around September 2013 after I noticed decent organic traffic coming to my website.

My initial intent to create this website was not to monetize it with adsense but with Advertising Revenue when advertisers pay for a spot on my website for a monthly advertising fee.

Did I succeed in that?


but not in the big way I was dreaming about. That hopefully would be the subject of another report at a later time.

And this table below shows the breakup in Adsense Earnings by month and years from 2013 to July 2015:

Adsense Income Broken Down By Year and Month

It is important that you notice how the adsense earnings have increased in 2015 compared to 2013 and 2014.

What caused my adsense income to increase each month in 2015?  What did I do to make that  happen?

And this is the screenshot of the CSV file which I downloaded from Adsense showing you the payments I received From Google Adsense to my bank account:

Adsense Payments Sent To My Bank Account

Note: (1)a large chuck of of these adsense income sent to my bank account in the months shown above were from this one website I’m referring to in this report.

(2) I managed to also collect a few dollars on another smaller adsense website but the earnings were quite small. Some months, I would get nothing. That’s why you will notice some minor discrepancies between this table above and the next one above it.

  • I had a total of 7 Adsense payments sent to my Bank Account By Google as shown above. At the moment of writing this report, the July 2015 adsense earnings of $119.56 wasn’t paid yet.
  • You must notice that I had to wait for 8 months before I got my first adsense payments of $313.62 in 22nd April 2014. Why was that? Because adsense earnings can only be paid out above a minimum threshold limit of $100 set by Google. You cannot set any limit below this but you can set any threshold limit your want above the minimum threshold limit. Because my adsense earnings were too small each month, I set it at $300 threshold therefore I had to wait a long 8 months before my earnings reach $300 (which was the threshold I set) to allow google to pay me.

This was wasted time where I could have earned a lot more but If I knew what I know now, I would have done things a little bit differently during that time.


  1. In 2013, my average adsense earnings per month for was $28/month.
  2. In 2014, my average adsense earnings was $70/month. Why?  Traffic continued to go gradually increase compared to the previous year, 2013, that’s why.
  3. My average adsense earnings for the months shown in 2015 was $129/month. January 2015 started disappointingly low with $24.02 earnings for the month of January but it started to pick up for the next 5 months and noticed that adsense earnings peaked at $213.34 on June 2015.
  4. Now, that sharp increase in May 2014 of $229.56 was due to a fault of my website where the adsense ads were being overlapped by the content of my website. Somehow that caused the website visitors to click so many Google adsense ads.  I was getting a very high click through rate in excess of 20% on some days but it was short lived because it wasn’t even a week before Google noticed it and warned me to changed it or have my adsense account suspended or worse, banned.   You guess what I did!

Let me dig a little bit more deeper…Comparing Earnings to 2013:

  • In 2014, my adsense earnings increased by 248% compared to 2013.
  • In 2015, my adsense earnings increased by 458% compared to 2013.

Comparing 2015 Earnings to 2014:

Making Money With AdsenseThis is  the interesting the part  where it raised my eyebrow.

When I looked at my data, I was like “ Ok, something is obviously working here!”

  • In 2015, my adsense earnings increased by 184% compared to 2014.




In order to answer this question, we have to look at my traffic data and if you notice, there’s nothing fancy about that traffic data, really, except that’s it’s a site that has a very steady-sort-of-traffic growth over the years from around July 2013 to July 2015. See my Google Analytics Traffic Data Below:

Traffic Data For My Adsense Website

From the google analytics data above, you can see that:

  1. From 2013 to 2014, traffic gradually increased. However, this did not have any big impact on the adsense earning during the months in those years.
  2. Now, from 2014 to July 2015, the traffic did increase as well but if you look again at the chart, it was steady traffic… but what I’d like you to see are those spikes in traffic around March, April, May, June  And July 2015. What caused those traffic spikes? Notice also that apart from those traffic spikes, the traffic was fairly flat almost during those months in 2015.

Those traffic spikes WERE the secret to increased adsense earnings in those months in 2015.

But this was not just ordinary traffic spikes from organic search results or from referrals or any of that.

This was the traffic I controlled.

As a matter of fact, it was the traffic I owned: my email subscribers.

You see, one of the biggest mistakes I did with that site was not building an email list from the very beginning because I had a lot of excuses: too complicated, its expensive, I don’t know how etc, etc, etc. That cost me though, by how much? I really don’t know.

Anyway, here is the sequence of events in order of what happened to cause that 184% Increase in adsense earnings in 2015:

#1:    December 2014 (almost during the Christmas festive period), I wrote an ebook, this was my lead magnet- it was something  free which I had to give away to entice my website visitors to download it so they can become subscribers  in my email list.  The email service provider I used was getresponse.

This was the free e-book I wrote and placing an opt-in form on the right hand side column of my adsense website, it allowed visitors to my website to download it:

Building An Email List Using A Lead Magnet-A Free Ebook

I also used a free wordpress plugin called PopupAlly to collect email addresses. So what PopupAlly Plugin does is simple create a popup with an image of my ebook a few seconds after a visitor comes to the site if he likes what he sees, and gives his name and email address to and he gets to download my free ebook.

This picture below shows PopupAlly in action on that site:

Popup to Collect Email Addresses

  • To control the downloads of my free ebook, I used another  free wordpress plugin called the WP-DownloadManager .
  • To integrate getresponse to my site, I used another wordpress plugin called the Getresponse Integration Plugin. What it does it this: it enables installation of a GetResponse fully customizable sign up form on your WordPress site or blog.

All these wordpress plugins were required for building up my email list.

#2:     March 2015 (2 months later): I actually started emailing my subscribers every time I posted something new on my site. I also emailed them to check out some of the previous posts I did on the website. By the time March 2015 ended  and when I looked at my earnings, I was blown away by the earnings results because my site has always struggled to reach $70/month and now I had $134.45…

My Adsense Earnings Increased A Lot in 2015

#3:   When I saw that  increase in March adsense earnings, I thought, this must be a FLUKE RESULT…like a one off thing where the next month the earnings will fall back to its typical monthly earnings anywhere from $50-$70 per month. I thought to myself, “ Let me try this month and do the same thing I did last month and see what happens?” So I did the same thing,  writing new post as well as promoting older posts created in 2013 and 2014  sending out email notifications to my subscribers telling them to check out my  on my website…and and when April 2015 ended, my adsense earning was $163.12! Ok, this is rather interesting….I thought. This must be another fluke result, right??? I thought.

#4:   May 2015, I did what I did the previous month, my email list was growing up as well. I promoted my new posts as well as older post to my email list. My Adsense earnings jumped to $198.04. Holy smokes!  I’m onto something here, I thought. 3 months in a row and my adsense earnings have continued to increase…this is definitely something.

#5:   In June 2015, let me see if I can hit $200 in adsense earnings this month I thought. I did the same thing as what I did on my the previous 3 months: content promotion to my growing email list. That month I made $213.34 in adsense earnings. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d hit $200/month on this site.


#6:    But I need to prove one more thing: if content promotion to my email subscribers is increasing my adsense earnings then what happens if I stop promoting content to my email list?   What I did in July 2015 was to write only wrote 1 post and emailed my subscribers…the result? Adsense earnings  came to  $119.56 in July.  A MASSIVE DROP of $93.78 from July’s  earnings of $213.34

I was convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that content promotion to your email list does increase your adsense earning.

But how did I actually got into discovering this in the first place?

By accident…

You see, using email list to increase adsense earnings was something I honestly have never came across until I discovered this myself by accident.

Only after my experience,  I did research about this, and then found a few sites which also mentioned the same thing about how to increase adsense earnings with email list building.

It was an accidental discovery because my initial intention was to use my site to create a monthly paid subscription service and that’s why I built my email list up but in the process of doing that, I was email my list promoting my content in the posts as well as the older posts and that  accidently increased my adsense earnings!

There you have it.

Let me tell you this…most of what I’ve read online about internet/email marketing is like this:

  1. Build an email list
  2. Provide good value and thus building trust with your email list
  3. Promote your own products to your email list or affiliate products

You won’t really see much about increasing your adsense earnings with email list building and content marketing.



It’s this: I increased the number of returning visitors to my site which also results in increase monthly traffic numbers which in turn results in increased adsense earnings.

At the end of the day, the more traffic you get to your site, the more you make in adsense. It’s a pretty simple concept.

Notice on this google analytics chart below, I have 43% returning visitor and this chart represents an almost 3.5 year time period:

New Visitor Vs Returning Visitor in Google Analytics

What is interesting to note here is that during the first year, the chart above wasn’t like that at all…my repeat visitors were around the 10-15% mark.

But over time, as I created more post and got many visitors to my site organically, they began to realize the quality of content provided on my site and kept coming for more and after I got the email list building thing going and email my subscribers  significantly increased my returning visitor numbers.

Here are the main benefits of returning visitors to a website:

  1. it shows there’s a loyal following already in place because the content or service you provide is really good quality.
  2. As a results of loyal following and website awareness,  those visitors are most likely to share the links of your website in other related sites  on facebook or twitter and this results in getting your FREE organic backlinks as well as free traffic without you doing anything at all to get backlinks. I never created any backlinks on this site. I just wrote really good quality content and the visitors posted links all over the web on related sites telling others about my site. How cool is that?
  3. Repeat visitors mean reduced bounce rates which tells Google that your site is relevant to the information that is provided on that site and I believe reduced bounce rate helps you to rank better for many keywords thus bringing you more traffic
  4. You make more money as a result.

Now,  you should note that not all of these repeat visitors are my email subscribers.

But having an email list does increase that number of returning visitors and the more you have repeat visitors, the more likely chance that they will click on the adsense ads on your site and therefore increase your adsense earnings.

I’m talking about adsense site here but if you have a site that you sell your own product or service or as well as affiliate products, the strategy here can be applied to all that.



My average email subscription rate was 10 subscribers per day. So I had 600 plus subscribers in my email list before I started emailing them.  This is all from free organic traffic that that visited my site. What would have happened used paid ads to promote my site? I never did.

I did not setup an auto responder sequence to start communicating as soon as I got a subscriber. This is bad practice which I have learnt the hard way because as soon as I started emailing the first time, some unsubscribed because guess what?

They forgot who I was…and where they downloaded the ebook from. Funny but true!

By July 2015, I had in my list 1800 email subscribers.

This does not mean all the subscribers where visiting my website every time I email them a link to a post on my site.

It doesn’t  work like that at all…some subscribers will just open your email, have a quick scan and not click the links back to your site. But some will do.

  • I was getting between 30-40% open rates (those subscribers that open my email as it reaches their inbox). So out of 1800 subscribers, 720 would open my email.
  • averaging 25% click through rate (those subscribers that actually open and then click the link on my email to visit my site) on my emails.  So out of the 720 that open my email, only 180 will click the link to visit my website. So its actually these people in this category that have a significant influence in increasing adsense earnings because they are the ones that visit my website to check out my post and in doing so can click the adsense ads on my site.

I did not promote other products to my email list except an ebook which I was selling for $27 but in a different way: when they thought they would go to the download page, another page popped up with a sales page of the ebook, giving them an opportunity to buy it or not. If not they are then taken to the download page.



You may have a website or blog where you are getting a decent amount of visitors daily and you’ve installed adsense and you are just dependent on organic traffic to visit your site to make money.

Now my traffic to that website is not that huge…its about 6000 visitors a month.

Now, just think outside the box and evaluate your site and see if you can  build an email list by giving away  a fee ebook, software, course etc?

What I’ve shown here is based on one site and how I increased my adsense earnings by 184% by just building an email list.

In my opinion, this is a really excellent strategy to implement instead of being too dependent on Google and other search engines for organic traffic.

Because with an email  list, you own and control the traffic at the click of a button. No joke.

Within seconds and minutes of promoting a post to your email list, you will have visitors to your site from your email list.

You see, I’ve left a lot of money on the table by not building an email list from the very start…

Now, some of you may argue that “Well, this is only just for one site, matey! To prove that that this strategy really works, you need more than one site to prove it.”

My answer is this:

I don’t need a lot of sites to prove this strategy works. This one site was like a testing ground for me and here’s the thing: the only major thing that I changed was building the email list and writing a lot more content and promoting it to email my subscribers. The traffic was pretty steady up to that point and I did not believe the results initially until I tested it out for 5 months.

This statement often drives me nuts as I’m always reading it on many make money online blogs/sites: the money is in the list.

 I used to think to myself “ Yeah right!…that’s easy for you to say Mr. Online Marketing Guru because you got an email list already and you’ve figured it out and that’s why you can easily say that.”

It was really frustrating seeing the success others are having and then seeing that you yourself are going nowhere.

Well, it took me almost 3 years before I built that email list and it changed my mind.

If you haven’t built an email list yet…it’s time to start. Now.



This report is not complete if I don’t tell you where I placed adsense and what ad types I used.

My site was a 3 column wordpress site as shown below so I  had 3 adsense ads running on my site:

  • a 300×600 sky scrapper unit on the left hand side top corner.
  • I had the 2nd responsive adsense Ad placed 2-3 paragraphs below a post/page

Adsense Ad Placment Locations On my Adsense Website

  • Note also where I placed my ebook cover/optin form?
  • And the last responsive adsense ad unit was placed at the end of the post/page as shown below:

Response Adsense Ad on the bottom of the post page

So that’s how I placed my adsense ads.

  • I’ve tried placing adsense link ads on the top header section where near to the logo but those did not work well so I removed them.
  • I placed the 2nd responsive add unit on 3rd paragraph instead of the top of the post which I used to do initially. Why? I read something online that changed my mind about placing adsense posts on the top of pages or posts and here’ the logic for that: if somebody visits your site looking for a particular information, all it take would be just a few seconds to scan the title and then scan the first 1-3 paragraphs to see if the information is what he is looking for, if not, he exits the page.  So the logic was, why not place an adsense ad in the 2nd or the 3 paragraph so if he is going to leave (anyway!) at least he has a chance to see that add and may click it if he decides to leave. So I implemented that change and I saw a slight increase in earning on that spot so I have kept it there ever since.



This is a very useful plugin that I use on my adsense sites and it’s free and its called Ad Injection.

With the Ad Injection plugin, all you need to do is get the adsense code, go to its settings and paste that code there specifying where you want it to show up on your site.

So once you install the plugin, go and click settings and then you end up with this screen:

Ad Injection WordPress Plugin

All you have to do is find out where you want to place the adsense code and insert the adsense code and save.

What you have in this plugin are 4 places where you can place your adsense codes:

  • Below the post ad
  • Random ad (this is what I use to specify what paragraph number to start showing my adsense ad).
  • Bottom ad below the post
  • Footer ad


  • If you own an adsense site, having an email list can increase your adsense earnings simply because adsense income is dependent on traffic. The more traffic you have, the greater the potential for your adsense income to increase each month.
  • Having an email list means you increase your monthly traffic numbers to your website when you email your subscribers to check out your posts.
  •  Having an email list mean you own the traffic at the press of a button instead of depending on Google or Yahoo/Bing or Facebook to bring traffic to you either paid or organic to your site.
  • If you currently have an adsense site and you do create content regularly and you don’t have an email list, then you need to start doing that.
  •  Ask yourself: What  free ebook report or software etc you can give for free to your visitors in exchange for their email address? Create it and then create an account with getresponse (or aweber) and start building your email list and communicating with your list by sending them back to your adsense site for every new post you create or can even send them to post that you’ve created a long time ago.
  • Don’t put off email list building till very late means leaving money on the table. Start from the beginning as soon as you finish your new site.