How To Increase Website Traffic From 1,000 To 20,000 Visitors A Month

Would you like to know  how to increase website traffic to 20,000 visitors per month  within 6 months or less?

Well, I’ll tell you how I did that in this post.

It is going to be a very short and sharp post and I hope you can learn something from my experience about how I was able to reach 20,000 visitors per month mark in just 6 months.



The two main ways of getting website traffic:

  1. you either pay for traffic
  2. SEO (search engine optimization)-create content that gets ranked in Search Engines and that will bring in website traffic.

The first option costs money.

The second option takes a lot of time and effort, and believe me, its kinda hard work.

For my case, I took the second option of SEO: i wrote content, lots and lots of content and after 6 months, my website traffic increased to 20,000 per month.

It wasn’t easy but once you are focused and keep going at it, its only a matter of time before you will see website traffic increase.

Here’s a chart of my Google Analytics Traffic Statistics:

how to increase website traffic

Now, if you are licking your lips wishing that your website traffic was like that, then let me remind you that it wasn’t that pretty when I started.

In January 2015, I was getting an average of 30 visitors per day to my site.  6 months later, I am now getting 1,000 visitors a day to my site:

how to increase website visitors


Without really knowing it, in my quest on how to increase website traffic, I was following a 5 step process.

Looking back at what I did and how I was able to reach 20,000 website visitors, it all came down to these 5 simple step process I took every time I wrote a post on my website.

Lets get started…

Step 1: Keyword Research

This is the most important part.

You get this step right, you will have free targeted traffic to  your website quickly.

This is where I use Google keyword planner tool to look for keywords that that I could write articles about.

What I’m looking for a keywords that meet the following two conditions:

  • really low competition keywords and
  • low search traffic volumes from 10 searches per month to 100

If I’m lucky, I’ll see some low  keywords that have 1000 plus searches per month. And I’d write massive pillar articles targeting these kinds of keyword…these are articles in excess of 5,000 or more words.

Now, I do that because the niche that my website is in is very competitive. Its forex trading niche.

So you can imagine, any high volume keyword is fought over fiercely. In other words, competition is very high.

My strategy in this super competitive niche is simple:

  • I’m going for the lower hanging fruit that is easy to pick, which means I get first page Google rankings in a matter of days or just a few weeks in many cases.

For example, let say the keyword I want to write about is “how to increase website traffic.” That is the main keyword I will target when I write my post.

But that’s not all, there are related keywords to this main keywords as well, such as:

  • how to get targeted traffic
  • free targeted traffic
  • how to get traffic to your website fast
  • how to increase website traffic fast
  • ways to get traffic to your website
  • how to get a lot of traffic to your website
  • get free website traffic.

You get what I’m doing here, right? All these keywords above are related keyword to the main keyword that I am targeting.

So what am I going to with these related keywords?

I use them in my post…I use them in sentences, in paragraphs.

In doing so, not only I will get that post ranked for the main keyword, but I will start to rank for those other related keywords as well.

Step 2: Write Content Targeting The Main Keyword As Well As Related Keywords

The next step is writing content.

For a low competition keyword that has about 10-50 searches per month, I generally aim for a 300-500 word post. That would be sufficient to get it ranked quickly and within weeks  1-2 weeks, I tend to see the main keyword crawl up to Google page 1.

But, having said that, I do not let the number of words dictate how much I should write. If I can write more, I write more.

I am to write more and better than my competitors who are already ranking in Google page 1 so that I can knock them off their positions.

SEO is ruthless. You’ve got to be better than your competitor and knock them off from their Google Page 1 rankings.

Some of the post in my website, the main keyword has about 10 searches per month but I have written posts that are like 1000 plus words long for those low search volume keywords.

Guess what?

Most of those low search volume keywords are ranking in #1 Spot on Google page 1 and these keywords alone are bringing thousands of visitors a month.

That’s free targeted traffic for many years to come. You only write once and write well and get ranked.

So how do I actually write? Well, here’s how I do it:

  • I make sure that the main keyword that I want to rank for is always in the first paragraph of a post (or page) preferably in the first 1-10 words in that paragraph.
  • I bold that main keyword.
  • I may include the main keyword in a header in my post or it can be a related keyword.
  • I use related keywords (to the main keyword I’m targetting) in my post.

Step 3: Place Target Keyword Is In The URL

I make sure that the keyword I’m targeting is in the url:

keyword in url

The keyword I’m targeting in this post is “how to increase website traffic”. So as you can see above, its in the url.

Step 4: Place Target Keyword is in the Meta Description

I also make sure I place my target keyword in the meta description and also include a related keyword in there as well.Yoast SEO

If your website is built using wordpress, it is very easy to do that. All you do is simply install the Yoast SEO plugin and at the bottom of the posts, you have these sections where you have to fill out the relevant details:

Any Image Used Is SEO Optimized

If I use an image in my post, I make sure the title of that image is the keyword or I may use a related keyword as a title.

If you just upload an image onto your website and you give a title like “image 1”.  Google does not understand that.

Why is it important that images are seo optimized?

Well, have you ever typed in a  keyword in google and on first page of google, you see images ranking in the #1 spot?

Guess what?

Those images have been optimized.

Here’s an example. When I typed in Google search “content marketing”, here’s what I saw on the #1 spot:

seo optimized images for google page 1 ranking


The fastest way to get website traffic is to pay for traffic. Like paying Google Adwords of Using Facebook or Twitter Ads to drive traffic to your website.

SEO is the slower path for website traffic generation but the results are long lasting. You do it right once and you reap the benefits many years to come down the line.

I reached the 20,000 visitor mark in May 2016. As a matter of fact, the total visitors for that month was 20,138 visitors.

As I’m writing this post now, its 23rd of June, 2016 so my forecast is I’m going to hit at least 25,000 visitors. I’f I’m lucky, I’d get 30,000 visitors for the month of June.

I’m really looking forward to the day I have 250,000 website visitors a month passing through my site. That would be the day I’d run around naked in the house!!!