How To Make Money Online With Google (July Adsense Revenue Report)

There are 2 main ways on how to make money online with google:

(1) buy google shares in the sharemarket and if price goes up, you sell your shares at a profit and make money.

(2) google adsense.

Now, I don’t like getting into the stockmarket so that leaves me with option 2, google adsense.

2015 Adsense Revenue Report

July 2015 Adsense Income $6.43

August 2015 Adsense Income $16.41

September 2015 Adsense Income $10.33

October 2015 Adsense Income $4.44

November 2015 Adsense Income $9.81

December 2015 Adsense Income  $37.84

Total Earnings In 2015=$85.26

2016 Adsense Income

January 2016 Adsense Income $9.02

February 2016 Adsense Income $11.85

March 2016 Adsense Income $34.82

April 2016 Adsense Income $65.37

May 2016 Adsense Income $68.83

June 2016 Adsense Income $101.14

July 2016 Adsense Income Report

Here’s the screenshot of what I earned in Google Adsense in July 2016:

make money online with google

Website Traffic For Adsense

For the month of July, my total website traffic was 31,305 visitors. That is an increase of 6,321 visitors compared to the month of June.

Here’s the traffic details for the month of July that made me $153.45 in adsense revenue

website traffic for adsense

Adsense Website Traffic Sources

Organic traffic source continues to be the biggest source of my website traffic for the month of July, followed by direct, social and referral traffic.

Website traffic details below:

adsense website traffic sources


Creating content. That is the biggest challenge for me  still. If I could multiply myself 1o times, that would be great. I’d generate more content.

More content means potential for more keywords to get ranked which means more traffic which more more adsense revenue I get each month.

Adsense Earnings & Website Traffic Forecast For Next Month

With the way the traffic is increasing each month, I’m forecasting that I’d most likely make $200 in adsense next month.

My forecast traffic is 30,000 website visitors for August.

I’m also working hard to increase my facebook page likes and increase my twitter followers.

I’ve also built an email list last month and at the moment of this writing, I have a total of 88 email subscribers already.

Facebook, twitter, email list, all these are really good sources of traffic when you have a lot of them. Organic traffic is growing steadily but I also need to work hard at increasing these other forms of website traffic sources.