How do I make a living through writing?: Using AI Tools.

When you wish to write for a living, becoming financially successful at it is a difficult and demanding vocation.

Before you can start making money, you need to choose a topic that readers will be interested in. It requires patience, hard work, and, depending on your strategy, some luck.

In light of this, you probably envision yourself working on a novel or possibly even a short story when you consider how to make money as a writer.

However, that is not the case. Although becoming a writer can be simple for you, being a writer is not simple. As long as you know how to type and have access to the internet, you may write for anyone without any prior expertise. Having constant access to writing material is one of the key components of being a great writer. If you have nothing to write about, your writing skills will be limited. Herein lies the role of CopyAI. A technology called CopyAI uses artificial intelligence to produce original, high-quality articles.
It can assist you in coming up with copy for things like product descriptions, blog pieces, social media postings, and video scripts.

How many times have you said to yourself, “I want to make money blogging or writing,” but you weren’t sure where to start?

Since the coronavirus epidemic, this has become much more frequent. Many people are unemployed, and “remote jobs” is one of the most frequently searched terms on Google. Another of those jobs is writing.

Although a lot of people believe they may earn money writing, it turns out that two abilities are needed: the ability to write well and the ability to attract clients.

You need to be a good seller in addition to being a good writer. To potential clients, you must sell both yourself as a writer and your ideas.

But what if there was a way to use software to merge these two abilities—writing and sales?

That’s exactly what CopyAI does; it enables you to quickly and easily produce fantastic, original blog content.

A text editor that writes for you is called CopyAI. It makes your writing better by utilizing artificial intelligence. It may assess your writing and give suggestions for improvements to make it more interesting, succinct, and clear.

CopyAI recognizes the context of what you are writing about and offers suggestions depending on your writing style. It can rewrite an entire article for you or produce one from scratch. Here are some instances of the benefits:

Rewrite sentences to make complicated concepts more understandable.
Use the active voice rather than the passive.
Use a particular voice or mood when writing.
Paragraph rhythm and flow should be improved.
Use a certain writing style (e.g., casual vs professional).
To make your writing more compelling or engaging, make the best use of word choice.


The issue with the majority of programs that claim to make writing faster is that they concentrate on flawless grammar and spelling rather than the words themselves. That’s fine if you’re writing an essay or a report, but creative authors won’t benefit much from it.

Because it concentrates on words and phrases rather than grammar or spelling, CopyAI operates differently. This makes it possible for you to produce high-quality, unique, and readable content quickly. It’s similar to having a personal proofreader!

Here’s how CopyAI works:

  • Outline your subject

You start by selecting a topic. Then, CopyAI presents you with a list of relevant categories from which to choose.

  • Select a category in step two.

The next step is to choose a category that fits your topic. CopyAI now presents you with relevant feature options within the chosen category.

  • Choose features and compose your content in step three.

Last but not least, you select characteristics that relate to your topic and create copy for them. The content will then be produced in a variety of ways by CopyAI based on the features that have been chosen. You can utilize that text exactly as is, or you can use it as a source of fresh ideas for your own copy.

You are free to use all the tools right away! here

How do I make money from it?

Now that you know how to use this fantastic instrument, you may use writing to make a living in a variety of ways, such as by finding employment as a freelancer, which enables you to work from home, set your own hours, and establish your own regulations. Additionally, there are many opportunities for freelance writers online.

Writing material for websites is a fantastic additional approach to support yourself as a writer. There are always jobs available for content writers, which makes it an excellent method to earn money online.

An even better one is Starting your own blog site building your own audience and earning so go ahead and check out CopyAI and benefit from it.


I hope this tutorial may be useful to those of you who want to write for a living. I adore CopyAI since it has made it possible for me to support myself as a writer. If you use it, I can only image what it will be able to do for you.

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