How To Make Money On Quora 

Do you want to know how to monetize Quora? To expand your business or generate some extra side cash, follow these steps.

People frequently turn to Quora as a resource for asking and answering questions. It may be utilized to generate income in addition to provide answers to just about any question.

How can I use Quora to generate money? On Quora, there are a number different revenue streams, including paid advertising and organic revenue.

Both options will be covered in this tutorial.

Indirect earnings

Many Quora users frequently advertise their own goods, such as:

  • books,
  • classes,
  • and more services

Please take note that Quora generally does not allow affiliate links.
This has been a problem because some small businesses frequently spam Quora with bogus accounts that publish good evaluations in place of actual answers.

Your initial product or service will sell as well if your responses are persuasive.

You are aware of how to profit from Quora thanks to this article from OpenGenus. Start right away.

Asking questions on Quora

The initial way to make money on Quora is through the Quora Partner Program (QPP).

Participants have made thousands of dollars in the early going. Beginning in early 2020, the participants in the program’s profits hit a new low and decreased from $1000 to $20.

Participants get compensated for the questions they asked, albeit it is not made clear how the revenue is dispersed. Be aware that replies are not compensated or given money.

Additionally, participants could not voluntarily join QPP. They must have an invitation, which was extended at Quora’s discretion. Although the conditions are not specified, increasing participation improved the probability.

Although Quora has not made an official announcement, it appears like the initiative is headed for closure.


As I’ve already mentioned, Quora was created to provide people with answers to their questions, much as how a database might be made available to the public for a fee. We may or may not be aware of the fact that Quora earns millions of dollars by allowing users access to its database. Additionally, users can get paid for answering specific questions on Quora. The platform chooses the top responses from a pool of thousands and gives out knowledge rewards that range from $200 to $1000. People on Quora are looking for accurate responses, so what could be better than giving them? You can share the results of the data collection and analysis in the article so that the intended audience can read them.

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